Nathan Fillion not planning to star in Uncharted movie

NGN: "During the Calgary Expo 2013 over the weekend, Nathan Fillion has said in his Q&A sessions that there are no plans for the actor to become Nathan Drake in the upcoming Uncharted film."

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Root1934d ago


Well thats good....sorry Fillion fans, as much as I like the guy the only person who should play Nathan Drake if it's not going to be a BIG STAR ACTOR is Nolan North.

If they can make Sarah Jessica Parker look a little bit acceptable in films and make Jeff Bridges look younger in TRON Legacy then I'm pretty sure with some good make up and a diet/bulk up routine on Nolans part he can play Nathan Drake in the film

The only thing Sony need to do is give him a chance, hell look at the Hangover for example those three actors didn't become huge until Warner Bros took a chance and let them be the main characters in the look at were they all are.

Emily Rose is set and I'm sure Richard can pull off Sully with some good make up effects

majiebeast1934d ago

Emily Rose is pregnant since January so she isnt gonna put on a mocap suit or act in a while.

They should just make an animated movie with just Nolan North as the voice actor and he would probably be able to pull that of the man has incredible range.

Root1934d ago

You know I read that yesterday and it got me thinking about Uncharted 4...people say it's obviously in development but with Emily pregnant how can they continue with the acting

I hope they haven't wrote Emily out like what they seemed to do in Uncharted 3. She only had a small role, I was hoping this time round she would be with Drake from the start and we would get a Drake and Elena game like how Uncharted 3 was Drake and Sully

Fluke_Skywalker1934d ago

She's only pregnant she's not dead! My Mrs worked up till about 3 days before our boy was born!
Sure she probs won't do the mocap but she can still do the voice and have a body double do the mocap stuff.

MysticStrummer1934d ago

Yeah I'm a huge fan of Firefly/Serenity, but Fillion isn't Drake.

DOMination-1934d ago

Fillion and Firefly are great but he is too fat and old now. I keep seeing adverts for some crime thing he is in and I really don't think he looks the part anymore.

MysticStrummer1934d ago

Sometimes people put on weight for a role. I don't think he's too old, but I don't see him as Drake.

vallencer1934d ago

I'm being for real here root but what makes you think Nolan North can act on the Big Screen?? All he does is voice acting which doesn't automatically make him the best choice to play a real life drake. I'm also not saying Fillion would be the best choice either but I'm not so sure North would be either.

Reibooi1934d ago

Technically when it comes to Uncharted North is doing pretty much everything a real actor would be. He does the mocap and everything for those scenes so it's basically a movie. If you watch some of the behind the scenes stuff that are on the discs they have videos of all the actors really doing the scene in the mocap suits and then Naughty Dog just put the engine over it to create the cut scenes in the game.

As far as I understand it VO for Uncharted isn't what people think. They are doing the scene for real and that is what is being captured and then they use the game engine to make the cut scene on top of the shot with the actors.

That said I understand what you mean. The experience might be a bit different shooting a Hollywood movie as opposed to working on the game.

Root1934d ago


How out of touch are you, I mean " All he does is voice acting "....REALLY

If you would of looked into it more or played the games NaughtyDog makes the actors act out all the scenes and includes the voices as well instead of doing them separately in a soundbooth.

Nolan IS Drake
Emily IS Elena
Richard IS Sully

I mean all Nolan would have to do on set would be what he does for the's obviously not that hard, Sony just have to take a risk

vallencer1934d ago

I actually have played the games root but it's nice of you to assume that I haven't seeing you're making an ass out of yourself is fun :). I really think you should learn how to respond more politely to people. I forgot they mo cap their parts but because he does that it still doesn't make him correct for the part. Also he's like in his 50s and last time I checked drake isn't that old. You should really respond more like Rei did his was polite.

3-4-51934d ago

Zack Galifinakis was popular before the Hangover...He was in Outcold in 2001 with David Koeckner & Thomas Lennon ......That trio is insanely talented...

Bradley cooper was in Wedding Crashers and a few others...I'll give you that this movie did make him more popular though.

Ed Helms was on the office and randomly had roles in other funny movies.

I would like to see more "no name" actors get a chance though.

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kingxtreme811934d ago

Good, because Nolan North is Nathan Drake, and that's the only guy that should portray Nathan Drake in an Uncharted movie.

Summons751934d ago

I thought the movie was deader then dead due to the scrip being god awful and nothing remotely close to the game. Unless that's changed kill the movie!

MysticStrummer1934d ago

When has a god awful script that's not remotely close to the game ever killed a video game movie?

babis19741934d ago

this is good but who must play the role of Nathan? suggestions: Ben Affleck,Christian Bale,Mark Wahlberg,Ryan Rodney Reynolds,Channing Tatum or ???

markte1934d ago

All of those would be bad choices, except Mark Wahlberg who would be a terrible choice. If Nolan North isn't going to do it, then it should be Johnny Knoxville. After all, Knoxville was one of the main inspirations for the character.

TotalHitman1934d ago

I doubt that there will even be an Uncharted movie. I also hope we don't see an Uncharted film. Movies based on video games are crap. The film has been confirmed since 2009 and has apparently been in some kind of development since 2008 and yet, we're nowhere near closer to knowing anything. We've even heard more about Final Fantasy Versus XIII than the Uncharted movie. Multiple actors and directors have also dropped out and now the film is being written by the writers of National Treasure and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. Please, Sony, just cancel the film and be done with it.

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