The Daily Five: Best Cover Art of This Generation

"A very popular saying is, "You should never judge a book by its cover." Oddly enough, this quote is relevant to all aspects in life including video games." - Velox

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Roccetarius1879d ago

I don't think the Beyond cover is that special, but Bioshock and Dead Space is definitely some of the best.

Zechs341879d ago

The Resistance 3 cover art is pretty cool IMO.

rextraordinaire1879d ago

They forgot Catherine.

Yeah it was shock for shock, but one has to admit that the hot pink, the logo and the illustration were all well done, and still today it's one of the easiest box art to spot in a game store.

Roccetarius1879d ago

How often do you see someone use pink for the cover? Chances are it's only a few times in a lifetime.

rextraordinaire1879d ago

Especially true for games that are not aimed at young girls, but at hardcore gamers.

admiralvic1878d ago

Nothing beats the Bayonetta GOTY box art.