Crytek’s Warface has set a new Guinness World Record

Crytek today announced that their free-to-play title, Warface, has set a new Guinness World Record. The game entered the record books for having the most players online simultaneously on one online shooter server. The record was set on Saturday, January 26th, when 145,012 players in Russia were enjoying Warface on the Moscow-based Alfa server.

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ATi_Elite1905d ago

Crytek finally got it's MP mode right and in the form of Warface.

I play Warface from time to time (Early in the Morning to get lowest ping cause it's Russian Only right now) and Warface is GOOD.

9 million users, wow just a month ago it was 6 million. Warface is very popular in Russia.

If you want a fast paced Twitch shooter but are TIRED of COD and it's CASUAL Gameplay then step up to Warface.

jimbobwahey1904d ago

Hahahaha COD casual? God damn people post some dumb stuff in the comment sections of this site.

shadowwizard1904d ago

So you want to say that CoD is hardcore? Lulz.

Letros1904d ago

It certainly isn't hardcore...

Baka-akaB1904d ago

is there a more mainstream and accessible shooter than cod ? dont think so .

It makes Quake looks like brain surgery

coolbeans1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )


Why not just meet in the middle?

-Thanks to accessibility being key (which twitch-based gunplay, MP UI, yada yada), it's an easy shooter to pick up and disgest the whole structure. Despite that, the RPG-esque choices involved for your character demand much more understanding than swinging a bat in Wii Sports (you know, a casual title).

-At the same time, the accumulation of that skill doesn't measure up to pinpoint precision of rocket jumps for stuff like Quake or communications of other team-based FPS.

The casual/hardcore terms we've built up shouldn't be considered as dichotomous as we think. There's a broad grey area in between.

jimbobwahey1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

Ah, so apparently because COD is popular, that's the reason that it's supposedly casual?

That's an awful metric to judge by, especially since by that logic the classic twitch-based shooters from the PC heydays of the late 90s such as Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament, are also casual games given their tremendous popularity at the time.

Edit: Just for a laugh, I'd love to know what games you consider to be hardcore shadowwizard, Letros and Baka-akaB.

rainbow6vet1904d ago

Yeah it is casual compared to the ghost recon and rainbow 6 games of old.

DragonKnight1904d ago

I love that I'm not a shooter fan and get to see the battle between CoD fans trying to sell it as hardcore and the rest of the gaming world ridiculing them for it.

Rivitur1904d ago


Any stickman shooter in the past 10 years.

kwyjibo1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

COD is casual not just because it's full of fratboy dudebros kicking back with some beers, but because its skill ceiling is so low, you get rewarded with +1s for both failure and success.

Those twitch shooters from the 90's? The skill ceiling of Quake 3 is insane. Get on one of those servers now, and you just won't get a kill. No hand holding, no making you feel better - you will just get murdered again and again and again until you either get good, or give up. High skill floor, limitless skill ceiling.

COD isn't like that at all.

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HarryB1904d ago

Counter strike the half life mod had much more players online than that. It wasn't registered though.

kwyjibo1904d ago

What a ridiculous record, what does it even mean? From what I understand, Warface is not a single server MMO style shooter like planetside, so everyone is playing in little instances, which makes this award meaningless. It's a pathetic PR release and nothing else.

ZodTheRipper1904d ago

I don't get it really. Is this record only for Russia?
Other shooters have much more players playing online.

Rivitur1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

Maybe its players that got on to one server over the span of a day? I thought it was playing at once on the same server but guess not..

Shadowgate1904d ago

All respawn gaming is causal. It does not matter how good you are at it you are playing a kids mode.