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Could Heavenly Sword Cut a Pose on the PS4?

Push Square: "Among the excitement for Ratchet & Clank’s big screen debut, the announcement of Heavenly Sword’s cinematic adaption sort of got lost in the shuffle. The flick was backhandedly referenced in a Variety article, noting that production outfit Blockade Entertainment would produce the movie and distribute it in a direct-to-video format. But even though the series isn’t getting the same theatrical treatment as its more marketable first-party counterpart, doesn’t it strike you as surprising that the historical series is making a comeback at all?" (PS4)

sinncross  +   939d ago
i dont see why not... i think its a possibility.
jimbobwahey  +   939d ago
Waste of time. Heavenly Sword was a bad game just like everything else that Ninja Theory makes, and God of War absolutely blows it out of the water in every way.
Nodoze  +   939d ago
Yes, but in this case the stink of Ninja Theory would not be on the game. It would be done without them (Sony owns the franchise).

So how about we give this title to Sony Santa Monica??
darren_poolies  +   939d ago
Heavenly Sword was great as was Enslaved and Devil May Cry.
Ultr  +   939d ago
heavenly Sword had a great story, and loveable characters, beautiful environements it lacked in the gameplay departement. nothing else
Imagine a reveal at e3 as a ps4 launch title!!

Also sony is throwing MS off.

Ps4 will be revealed to have 10gb grrd5 ram.

Isn't ps4 now labeled as prototype hardware?

I don't know what MS will show but I expect sony to clean house with games core games for core gamers.

We haven't even seen ND next gen game yet.
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MariaHelFutura  +   939d ago
SSM. That is all.
majiebeast  +   939d ago
Well i think its Ninja Theory dont you find it strange that Tameem Andonlades, was in the developer reel video of the PS4. When he has been pretty much bashing heavenly sword and its sales etc.

Same for Ready at Dawn why have a PSP dev with not as much console developer experience like Guerrila,Media Molecule,Suckerpunch etc to talk about your system. Its because they are working on a PS4 exclsuive.

Same for the choice of having the Harmonix CEO in the video, when their last 3 games have been exclusive to 360.

Why have Stig Asmussen in the video when Todd Pappy directed god of war:A. We havent heard of him since the launch of God of war 3, its because he is making a new IP for PS4.

Why have Kazunori Yamauchi in it? Because GT6 will be a dual generation release, i dont believe the ps3 only rumours.

I could be over thinking this, i just find it incredibly strange.
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MariaHelFutura  +   939d ago
I noticed that aswell. Ready At Dawn would be great also, they deserve it.
yoshiroaka  +   939d ago
HMMM! I like your conspiracies friend!
Sevir  +   939d ago
RAD has already confirmed that they were working on a next gen title
But they also confirmed that their engine is a multiplatform engine. Its definitely a new IP, as for NT, I, pretty sure They signed with Sony since neither Capcom or Namco Banda I are working with them, Capcom is moving back to in-house development and Namco wasn't pleased by the lack luster sales of Enslaved. And I'm pretty sure MS wants nothing to do with them because of how well Ragdoll kung-fu performed on the original Xbox.

In any case while many may dislike NT.. I only dislike Tameem, as the current head he paints the developer studio negatively, When Nina KristensenRan the company Tameem was only a writer. But she left for Ubisoft in 2008 when HS2 was in production, and Tameem took over and that's when the company had a fall out with Sony because they bitched HS didn't sell well, while the game went on to sell 1.5 million.

I guess They must have pitched something to Sony and Sony saw it as a way to bring them back into the fold, it'll be interesting to see.
MilkMan  +   939d ago
Sure hope so.
VonBraunschweigg  +   939d ago
Make HS2 for PS4 and forget about movies. Want to make an action flick, use inFamous.
Hicken  +   939d ago
inFamous would make for a GREAT movie. And best of all, it lends itself so well that it's hard to screw up.
1Victor  +   939d ago
M night shamalan and owen bowl would disagree with you Hicken "plot twist"
RustedMan  +   939d ago
The first heavenly sword was highly underrated. a damned fun, albeit short game with spectacular graphics, buttery smooth swordplay, and Andy Serkis as the antagonist. It more then deserves a shot at a sequel.
byeGollum  +   939d ago
I wouldn't think twice about purchasing a sequel to Heavenly Sword. Imagine a sequel is annouced for a PS4 launch title? I can dream :)
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panbit86  +   939d ago
I want a sequel sooooo much!!! Nariko is the ideal "flagship" female lead character! Sexy, deadly, just AMAZING!
josephayal  +   939d ago
Ps4 and vita
Williamson  +   939d ago
It definitely needs to imo! So much potential lies in this franchise, why waste it? Ive been wanting a sequel for the longest time, it sold around 1.75 million didnt it? Thats good for a brand new series of its time and low install base of the ps3 at the time.
sway_z  +   939d ago
I think Heavenly Sword was excellent (still looks good today), but woefully neglected on PS3.

Maybe sales played a part, but it was very early in PS3's cycle....Bring Nariko back, a strong female character lead the industry and gamers need...
headblackman  +   939d ago
this game really sucked the first time around, but sometimes people learn from their mistakes. maybe they will get the next one right. so I say yes. second chances are good.
sway_z  +   939d ago
This game is crying out for a sequel. Heavenly Sword deserves a trophy set to re-ignite interest.

I would imagine a fair amount of gamers would pick this game up again or replay it for the trophies. I actually kept Heavenly Sword in my collection because I liked the lead character so much.

Trophy support would 100% make me re-play this in a New York Minute ;)
DarkBlood  +   939d ago
i would like to see a sequal to this
remanutd55  +   939d ago
I would totally but it day one, bring it on sony, i find it weird to see a guy from NT talking about ps4 on the meeting.
twdll  +   939d ago
That would be great.
BigDollarZoe954  +   938d ago
enjoyed the first game when i got my ps3 would like to see a sequel

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