Call of Duty 4 Downloadable Map Pack Hands-on (TeamXbox)

Ordinarily, multiplayer map packs aren't the most exciting things. But this is Call of Duty 4 TeamXbox are talking about, the biggest multiplayer phenomenon since Halo. Players who've been playing for months may have advanced past the prestige level, but have played every single map in every single mode many times over, most likely. It's time for some new stuff.

Developer Infinity Ward invited TeamXbox and their office mates at IGN and Gamespy down to their offices in the San Fernando Valley to get some serious hands on time with the game to road test the new maps. TeamXbox played the four new maps – Creek, Chinatown, Broadcast and Killhouse – for about four hours, their butts handed to us repeatedly by the Infinity Ward crew. But TeamXbox did some handing themselves, you can be sure. Here's a quick breakdown of what you can expect from each when they go live sometime in April.

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