EVR: Oculus Rift’s Space Dogfighting Game | IGN

IGN: "EVE Online developer CCP’s space-fighting demo is the game that Oculus Rift could have been made for."

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Neonridr1820d ago

sounds very intersting. This Oculus Rift is being more and more attractive.

spaceg0st1820d ago

this is next gen gaming. can't wait for this

_-EDMIX-_1820d ago

agreed this is PC gaming next gen and I believe Sony and Microsoft in Nintendo will follow suit next gen with VR.

I can't wait for oculus rift to be publicly released! keep an eye open for star citizen!

DeadlyFire1819d ago

Rift not required to me, but Space fighter games need to come back. I miss those days. EVR should become a full game I believe.