Kamiya: Wonderful 101 more about fun than game length, hopes people play it over and over

The Wonderful 101 director stresses that the upcoming game is more about fun as opposed to game length.

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-Mika-1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

So they expect people to pay $60 for a short game. I don't care how fun a game is. If it lacking in length, Im not paying full price. Now if Nintendo had added an achievement/trophy system into the WiiU. There would have been a few people who wouldn't had mind the length. Platinum could of thrown in alot of tough trophies and people would of went for it. Sadly, Nintendo didn't so now we have to wonder. Who is seriously going to buy this?

@ Neon

"If u hate to finish a game the next day u buy it, u better not play TW101." That was Kamiya exact words so im not jumping to conclusions. This game is going to be short and not alot of gamers are going to throw out $60 for a short game. I don't know why im wasting my time even responding to you. Any negative thing that is said about nintendo goes right over your head.

Neonridr1848d ago

lol, they didn't give specifics on the length of the game, I highly doubt you will beat the game the next day, unless you are pulling an all-nighter.

Why don't we actually wait until the game ships before you pre-judge anything and only make yourself look foolish?

I, for one, along with other ACTUAL Wii U owners, will buy this game. I don't need trophies or achievements to actually enjoy playing a game. Trophies end up becoming more of a chore by the end than they are actually worth (kill 100,000 players in multiplayer - who gives a $hit). Do you actually go around bragging because you have a gamer score of 50,000? or because you have platinumed 30 games? I bet that goes over very well with all the ladies right?

fairyblaster1848d ago

lol no. Short games are wonderful < How long was journey for the ps3? (:

hay1847d ago

Well it's a Platinum Games title, so expected is around 8-10 hours campaign with really fun gameplay and acceptable replayability.

OmegaSlayer1848d ago

It smells like the game will be shorter than MGR, that was shorter than the very short Vanquish but longer than the ridicolously short Anarchy Reigns.
Good games but make you feel pissed to have bought them full price.

Roccetarius1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

All of those games you mentioned were made with replayability in mind. Maybe you just failed to see that, but whatever.

I know that a lot of people just play through games once, but something like God Hard in Vanquish is no joke.

Also, i believe they had something like 14 months to finish up MGR for Kojima.

Blacklash931845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

There's no indication on any exact length based on this one comment, even compared to previous PG games. All PG games tend to be 10 hours or less and are easily completable if you play them much of the day. But they have a lot of incentive to replay chapters to make up for it.

Bayonetta, for instance, wasn't the longest game ever made, but damn was it fun and had heaps of unlockables.

vallencer1848d ago

I haven't seen you in forever mika welcome back. Also to be fair you really didn't respond to him because you only have one bubble all you did was edit your comment. I will pay sixty for his game because i like to have fun when i play video games. Last time i checked that's what video games were about. Correct me if i'm wrong but im not.

jcnba281848d ago

"Who's going to buy this?"

It's a Wii U exclusive so I'm going to take a wild guess here and say .. Wii U owners?

grailly1848d ago

after reading your comment I'm actually scared for the future of the industry...

krazykombatant1848d ago

lol did your ban not sort you out, here you are again trolling the nintendo news.

I've played games which are fairly short with depth in gameplay and re-playability. As long as its fun why the hell should I care.

I'm sure you've yet to even play on the wiiU. So please leave and go back to sucking *** MS or Sony whoever it is you enjoy more.

jcnba281848d ago

Yeah, I'm sure you would have said the same thing if this game was a ps4 exclusive.

akaihana86plus1848d ago

Mika, you are so full of yourself, STFU please

RTheRebel1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

And yet you paid 60$ for FF13, you fail at trolling Drone lol

Qrphe1848d ago

It may be short but you can bet it'll be hightly replayable.

7uff11848d ago

I have over 1500 hours of Smash Bros

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MilkMan1848d ago

I'm getting it day one.
I love Platinum and I love Nintendo's charms and based on what I saw I could see myself playing this thing right-a-way.

It is true however that I would like a game that would give me at the very least 6 to 8 hours worth of FUN GOOD TIMES. I'll take that for an action game.

Plus if it has NG+ or some kind of incentive to replay, all the better.

neogeo1848d ago

DAY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

--Onilink--1848d ago

well has long as it has replayability (and i dont mean trophies, achivements, etc i dont care about that) I dont mind if a game is short.

If it does not have replayability then it better be priced accordingly

Grimhammer001848d ago

This is a real issue these days.
$60 to burn is not as common as it once was for many. So if I'm getting a game it needs to have some of these generalized factors-
- 12-20hrs gameplay
-mp if it fits and good
-replay is only important if your one of those gamers who actually replays. Lol
I almost never revisit any game with a story. Just like I don't read a book twice.

I seldom plat my games....but I enjoy trying until I don't.

_QQ_1848d ago

12-20 hrs?, you don't like rpgs then, what if a game is 21 hours? no buy?:P

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