Questionable Developer Practices And Why You Should Always Wait For Reviews

Quote: "Let’s paint a mental picture, real quick. You’re looking forward to buying a game this month; it could be a specific title or anything that sparks your interest. Maybe you’ve been awaiting a certain game’s release, or maybe you just went with one at random from three possible options. Either way, the release date approaches and you head online but there is nary a review to be found. Not the big sites nor the small sites nor even Metacritic have critic reviews, and there are just a few user reviews on the latter, all of which seem overwhelmingly positive.

Now, allow me to break this picture for a second to say the following: This is the point where you ought to start to panic. "

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Dee_Cazo1852d ago

Reviewers are nothing but opinionated douchebags who claim to be experts on playing video games.

That sort of just speaks for itself. Let footage of the game speak for itself.

Godmars2901852d ago

Then you enjoyed the games which brought up this discussion? If not and you only relied on the information given to you by the title's publishers and developers you would have walked right into them.

MonkeyNinja1852d ago

I agree. Reviewers are useful for finding out how a game plays feels, but you have to take their opinion/rating with a large grain of salt as their review can be easily manipulated with a little $$$. But that depends on the individual reviewer/site/magazine. And also, it's just my opinion.

kostchtchie_1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

well said, to hell with review site, they are like leeches within gaming community and most if not all have hardly any credibility with there metric scoring garbage, and only feed there rubbish to the kiddies that cant read there reviews and only count to 10 and believe anything below 10 is crap

i have always said it get rid of metric scoring and just review the game on whats in it whats wrong or good about it, that's all we need to know, not there OPINION or what score they give it, because then it becomes more of there opinion and biased and less of review

when they start doing it then maybe i will start bothering about review sites, until then i will let my gut instinct tell me if i should or should not buy certain games

and if you are unsure about certain games wait for GAMERS on you tube or other place to give you information on games, gamers need start thinking for themselves again instead kneeling before these review sites and asking will i like this game master

SilentNegotiator1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

You can't trust 99% of reviewers because they make money by making publishers happy, thus landing ad money. Half of the games that get 85%+ averages are subpar games.


"i have always said it get rid of metric scoring and just review the game"
No. Stop believing that review scores are the problem just because some people abuse them.

kostchtchie_1852d ago

ha ha hes says a lot good stuff, i like his videos, but i still believe we can have good reviews without a metric system, after all they are only supposed review the game not give there OPINIONS out 5 or 10 mark, or the A/A mark

SatanSki1851d ago

Whats worse, they dont see or dont want to see many problems i see in games. I stopped taking reviews seriously many years ago. Gameplay videos, feature lists and people opninions, thats what is important to me.

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SlapHappyJesus1852d ago

A good one of recent times is the "release" of Orion: Dino Horde.
My friend grabbed it day one believing it, essentially, another Primal Carnage.
Not quite. He sure as hell wasn't aware of the history of the game, prior to its re-release under a different name. Exactly what the developers were hoping for.

Always know what you are buying.

MestreRothN4G1852d ago

Questionable REVIEWERS Practices And Why You Should Always LISTEN TO GAMERS.

Questionable GAMER BANDWAGONING Practices And Why You Should Always PLAY THE GAMES YOURSELF.

Questionable N4G COMMENTS And Why You Should Always STOP WASTING YOUR TIME.

Yay. Many hits for my questionable website.

venom061852d ago

totally agreed... ever since that copy and paste garbage MW3 got a 9 from IGN, and they proceed to post ANY AND EVERY CoD related article (no matter how small and useless it is), its pretty obvious these reviewers have their own agendas.. Hell, they've already started to play their hand in the BF vs CoD discussion and are trying to downtalk BF without knowing anything about how the game plays.... nothing worst then a fanboy reviewer pretending to be objective..

gamernova1852d ago

Reviews are often times misleading. Dead Island for example. A lot of reviewers gave it a bad score but I am loving it. I always trust my instinct and it has yet to fail me.

MestreRothN4G1852d ago

Riptide is a great example indeed. Great game.

kostchtchie_1852d ago

exactly, the PC version is good solid fun game, and am looking forward to the mods that community makes, yet we have reviews sites bashing it right left and center with there biased against the game, either be neutral when doing review or stop doing them

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