The debate: Will the delay do GTA V a favour? We mull over the Los Santos sandbox’s September push

OPM: With GTA 5′s release date set to September we consider if the delay will actually be a good thing for the series. Two of OPM’s best bang heads to decide whether waiting is wise or if the game should arrive NOW.

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DarkZane1937d ago

How the hell is that a delay when there was not a release date announced to begin with?

porkChop1937d ago

It was confirmed to be releasing before the end of March. Then they pushed the date back to September. That's a delay, it doesn't matter if there was a specific day or not.

Wenis1937d ago

Actually it was scheduled for just 'spring 2013', and someone at rockstar said the delay pushed it back four months, meaning it was scheduled for May originally

yess1937d ago

I think it's obvius now, that the delay is related to nextgen, thats what i am most exited about.

Bring it.

Agent_hitman1937d ago

Hope they include the whole San Andreas map..

porkChop1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

It's only going to be Los Santos and the countryside surrounding it. But it's supposed to be huge. Including interiors and exteriors, it's confirmed to be larger than RDR, GTA IV, and GTA SA combined. Massive. And I'm not positive, but I don't think there's multiple islands. It seems to be just 1 massive city + countryside.

Donnieboi1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

They really said there would be interiors? I want interiors for at least half of all buildings/homes. I wanna do home invasions and run-up on illegal gambling spots in any house I see fit.

RioKing1937d ago

I personally don't recall them bringing up interiors but either way, like porkChop said, the map will be MASSIVE. Don't worry about that...

showtimefolks1937d ago

its RS who haven't let me down yet so have no doubts, GTA5 will come out when it ready and up to RS standards

can't wait till september

TheFamous11937d ago

GTA V will hold me over until next year.. that way I can see where the next gen consoles are headed and then make my purchase. Early adopter = not smart.

TheSaint1937d ago

When has a delay ever hurt a game? I have complete faith in R* and GTAV will likely be the best game of this gen.

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The story is too old to be commented.