New Pokemon MMORPG Comes To Light

MMOGC Writes:

We’ve previously discussed Pokemonium, Pokemon World Online and Pokemon Creed, but a brand new browser MMO game based on the Pokemon universe has recently enjoyed a surge in popularity.

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SegataSanshiro1972d ago

Segata Sanshiro approves this, if only the wii u had blast processing it would destroy the competition

CEOSteveBallmer1971d ago

Hey segata san, when is the Dreamcast 2 coming out??

SegataSanshiro1971d ago

Dreamcast? Please, Saturn is where REAL gaming happens.

Sucitta1972d ago

I'll keep waiting for an official version..

I just can't lower myself to ever support a web browser type game. Not for me.

Wenis1972d ago

Some web browser games, like runescape, arent that bad for being played solely in a browser.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1972d ago


Someone was just talking about this- and I know I and many others have wondered the same thing.

1972d ago