Four Things Nintendo is Doing Right (and wrong) With the Wii U

Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation

Nintendo's newest update has got to be one of the most sought-after updates in recent history. The update itself does little more than speed up some menus and a few other performance issues, but the next-day release of the Virtual Console is something many think Nintendo should have had ready Day 1. Even though 90% of Nintendo fanboys will agree with you that the Wii U has had a rocky start, Nintendo is pushing back strong. Here are four things Nintendo is doing right, and some issues they still need to pay attention to.

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DragonKnight1933d ago

Nintendo Direct isn't going to help them. E3 is a well-known event that many flock to, Nintendo Direct will only be noticed by core gamers who are looking for it. Nintendo have effectively cut their potential audience in a big way.

Root1933d ago

Yet people don't see that

RyanDJ1933d ago

They do still need to make an appearance, like on the floor. A big announcement this year would have been very "meh" with Sony and Microsoft's obvious announcements.

DragonKnight1933d ago

They are going to make an appearance at E3, they just won't have a press conference. Still, they are only hurting themselves by relying on scattered Nintendo Direct events that most won't see.

Blues Cowboy1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

@DragonKnight - absolutely agreed. Nintendo Direct is great, but only established Nintendo fans and people who follow gaming news daily will ever watch it. Ninty needs to seriously up their publicity, both in the industry and in the public eye, if they want to get people talking about the Wii U.

Why couldn't they do an E3 presser *and* hold smaller events afterwards?

YoloSwag1933d ago

The only people that 'flcok' to E3 are gaming journalists. People are going to get gaming news, flashy stage performances or otherwise.

DragonKnight1933d ago

Yeah, because there aren't thousand (possibly millions) of gamers watching the conferences and various videos. Flocking doesn't have to literally mean going to E3.

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Edward751933d ago

I am in that 90%. A rough start for sure, one thing that has never ever failed Nintendo is the money and quality of the first party games they roll out shortly after the launch year of their consoles. Now the question will be simple. Will Zelda, mario kart, Metroid, Fire Emblem, or any other next-gen versions of the first party licenses be enough?

That to me is the true and deciding question.

gedden71933d ago

A lot of what Nintendo is doing with the WIi U is making more and more sense. Transparency, Actively search for new 3rd party support, Community, First party Games (to come) expanding game developing to indie devs, stuff like that!

Wii U is looking better and better by the week!

LOL_WUT1933d ago

Really? Because there's still lots of things that need improvement. ;)

RyanDJ1933d ago

It is at least heading in the right direction.

Yodagamer1933d ago

As a ps3 fan lol_wut i'm sure you know how it feels for a console to mature after a slow launch, look out how the ps3 ended up after it's slow launch

gedden71933d ago

Exactly room for improvement and still looking good!

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1933d ago

The Meme Picuture alone = Win!

A fair argument for and against.