Deadpool Release Date & Pre-Order Incentives Revealed

Activision Publishing, Inc. and High Moon Studios have announced the release date for the forthcoming Deadpool videogame. Starring Marvel’s most Marvel-ous character, Deadpool, a selection of pre-order incentives have also been revealed.

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majiebeast1903d ago

Cool something to play after Lastofus.

IAmLee1903d ago

Deadpool has always been a fave of main, after watching the trailer, it looks bad, but at the same time, looks so good :')

markte1903d ago

Anybody else feel that this game will be a mediocre game at best but still incredibly enjoyable due to the character and humor?

Can't wait to play it.

KillrateOmega1903d ago


Don't get me wrong, I love the character, but I just have this gut-feeling that this won't an amazing game. Likely just mediocre.

RockmanII71903d ago

The drop to $50 doesn't help expectations either

Wagz221903d ago

Does anyone know if there are anyway gameplay videos? So far I've just seen those two trailers. Also it kinda makes me nervous that the game is $50 instead of $60. On one hand you save $10 but then again why would they do that. I mean I don't expect this game to be amazing but I just hope it doesn't suck cause I really like deadpool.

Tsalagi1903d ago

This looks like one of those games that are "fun to play through once" and will land in the $20 bin in 3 months. I'm waiting on a price drop.

RockmanII71903d ago

July has to many good games coming out, I'll wait for it to be in the $20-$30 range.

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