Has the PS3 Console Finally Been Compromise?

A group by the name of slump is claiming to have finally been able to hack the PS3 even claiming they will release a game loader for the PS3 on March 17 however there are some catches to the hack.

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Joey Gladstone3690d ago

there really is nothing short of creating a console that will self destruct if tampered with to stop them from getting into your system....and even then they would create some sort of anti-explosive hack for it LOL.....
......"The JOEY has Spoken"

gaffyh3689d ago

Usually when these "hackers" give a date, they never stick to it, if they really had something they would have released it already. I'm thinking it is fake.

Also it is pretty much impossible to have a PS3 iso on the internal HDD because it is FAT meaning it can only support max 4GB in a file, the only way they could do it would be to put all the files on to the hard drive and hope that that all the files are smaller than 4GB each.

hunter213690d ago

dang it has a lot of requirements, and i cant even play online...i would say no to this one for me. i bought ps3 for the online gaming.

T_O873689d ago

this gen is all about online gaming and community so i dont think this would affect any console , IMO software sales this gen will be higher than the last gen even if they hacked all the consoles and you would be able to play pirated games

ChrisGTR13689d ago

you bought a ps3 for online gaming.... wow.. just wow..
you sir are the dumbest human being on this site.

Danja3689d ago

ever played a lil game by the name of "WARHAWK"....destroy s ne thing the 360 offers online....

COD4 plays better on the does Burnout

Syko3690d ago

Even if you are in the camp that thinks the Blu Ray drive is not needed in the PS3, It has done one thing for the console. It keeps it from easily being exploited via a drive hack/chip like the Wii and 360 have had. By forcing the hackers to find a HDD loader for games it is stopping much of the mod scene.

God forbid they do though because PSN most likely wont have the ability to spot these "Modded" consoles to the degree Xbox LIVE does. Also with the user upgradeable HDD a hack like this would be extremely popular.

FreeMonk3690d ago

Well my guess is that sooner or later you'll be able to run backups straight from a Blu-Ray disc backup.

Bluray writers are getting cheaper to buy, as well as the blank Bluray discs as well.

A Loader that sits on the Hard Drive, which you load and that boots up the backup sounds feisable I think, plus it will be cheaper than running it from a huge HD which will sooner or later run out of space due to the games you download.

It'll happen sooner or later, but more than likely later due to the new Blu-Ray technology!

hfaze3689d ago

"God forbid they do though because PSN most likely wont have the ability to spot these "Modded" consoles to the degree Xbox LIVE does."

Do you really think they would make that kind of mistake after the PSP getting OWNED by DarkAlex? Think about it...

Although I do agree that the user-upgradable hard drives could end up biting Sony in the a$$ if a HDD loader like this is seriously released. Why do you think that Sony was so quick to drop HDD support in the PS2 when the PS2 slim came out. ;-)

M0KILLaU3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

Would it really be worth giving up all that just to backup a few titles?

I say no

mikeslemonade3690d ago

Pretty sure this is a hoax. There is noway they hacked it like this already. They go from minimal hacks to fully opening the entire system. ..

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The story is too old to be commented.