Game Dev Tycoon Fights Piracy With Piracy

Gameranx said, "DRM is a dicey topic. Yes, it’s a solid way to keep all the pirates at bay, but more often than not, developers and publishers drive possible buyers away with the restrictive nature of the digital rights management. Games in the past have resorted to copy-protection measures that punish those who come upon a game illegally, such as Serious Sam 3’s terrifying, invincible scorpion that refuses to leave the player alone. However, Greenheart Games, creators of the sim Game Dev Tycoon, have concocted one of the most interesting, reflexive techniques for teaching pirates a lesson."

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Old McGroin1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Absolutely brilliant.

Love the post by the guy who pirated the game crying that his in-game games keep getting pirated; he even asks if DRM would help!

This is genius. Pure genius.

Lionheart3771759d ago

Couldn't agree more. I'd say this tops Serious Sam 3.

Old McGroin1759d ago

Hadn't heard about the Serious Sam 3 anti-piracy thing, just looked it up, an invincible giant scorpion with an assault rifle just kills you over and over again, also excellent!

nix1759d ago

hahaha.. this was funny. specially the responses.

-Mika-1759d ago

One of the major pirate groups will just go into the game code and get rid of this bug.. Great idea but It can easily get fixed.

LoveOfTheGame1759d ago

This is the same as stealing a car, then going back to the dealership and asking them how you can prevent your new car from being stolen.

Idiots will be idiots.

Gamer19821759d ago

The crazy thing is the games normally limited to W8 thanks to the dev leaking it it's now compatible with W7 and older windows. Hes saying more people pirate it than buy it.. Erm maybe thats because a lot more people own W7 and lower than W8. I'm not condoning piracy here but does he not think for 1 minute here that people who want to own this game got the so called pirate edition purely because they havn't got W8?

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DragonKnight1759d ago

This is the most awesome idea since the Earthbound anti-piracy measures. Good job Greenheart Games. :D

Kratoscar20081759d ago

LOL this is really brilliant.

steve30x1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Theres one way developers could reduce Piracy a bit and thats bring back DEMOS!!! to PC. 90% of games in the past few years dont have a demo on the PC. If we can try before we buy then some gamers wont pirate their games. When I download a game I only want to try it to see if I would buy it. I try the game for an hour at most and then I delete it.

DragonKnight1759d ago

Completely agree. I don't know what developers have against letting people try out a game to see if they'd like it other than they are afraid people WON'T like it and then not be forced to buy the game in order to try it out.

darkhitman1759d ago

if you have 7 odd min here is a link to a video that tells you why games don't have demos any more well one take on it,

ps: if you are interested games and ways of making good games extra credits is worth a watch

steve30x1759d ago

@ darkhitman : I understand that , but also you have to understand that some piracy is due to people wanting to try before they buy , but developers dont see it this way and shout foul because of the few people who actually want to try before they buy , but those few people will either buy the game or not buy it after trying it which is why developers should give us demos. And not any half assed thrown together demo. We need a demo that is an actual part of the game.

DragonKnight1759d ago

@darkhitman: I disagree with that entire video. If the developers made a good demo for a good game, that's always a positive for them. The problem is when developers know their game is terrible and make a demo that lies about what the game is to try and B.S. people into buying a bad game. Like most of the things that developers and publishers say these days, it's all about greed and B.S. excuses.

Anon19741758d ago

I'm all for demo's, but we're talking about a two man indie team here. It takes time to put together demos, and when you're only asking 7-8 bucks in the first place, a demo necessary.

That being said, it's not demos that are the problem, it's pirates. Even if you launch a demo, pirates are pirates. They'd still steal the full game rather then download the demo, ever time.

Our last game we put out, we had a demo copy and a full, paid version. The demo copy was completely ignored and the full copy suffered a 95% piracy rate, and this was for a game that was only a couple of bucks to start with. The demo didn't do a damn thing. People pirate because they want to try the full, but they don't want to pay. It's as simple as that.

And given the plethora of to play games out there, there's absolutely no excuse. "I've got no money, I'm a student!" That just doesn't cut it. If it was a money problem, there's options that aren't stealing. While each copy pirated doesn't equal a lost sale, what pirates don't seem to grasp is they've effectively removed themselves from the potential marketplace for the game, forever, thus restricting the potential earning for any one game. That's hurting the developer.

The problem is our work is so devalued, the pirates simply don't care. They'd rather rip us off then even pay a couple of bucks for something they enjoy and because of it, games have changed and not for the better. DRM? Day one downloads? Advertisements? Always on? With 95% piracy rates, those people are responsible and ruining gaming for everyone.

steve30x1757d ago

If theres a demo for a game and I am interested in the game I will download t6he demo. I never even knew your previous game had a demo and I dont know what your previous game was. If we dont know there is a demo then we down download it.

dennis3211756d ago

But, why would we "Pirates", pay for a game 8$ when we will play it for 2 hours and totaly forgot about its existence.
I am a Pirate, but i payed for Dota2 30Euros on steam because i know i will play it at least 10 years or even more. But to pay games like this? i would rather buy strings for my air guitar. -ifyouknowwhatimean-.

Anon19741756d ago

Why would you pirate a game you aren't going to play?

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