This week's eShop releases: Pac-Man and Mega Man on Wii U Virtual Console

NES games also hit 3DS with added two-player support

By Tom Ivan

Nintendo has sent over a list of this week's eShop releases, which include updates to the newly launched Wii U Virtual Console as well as the classic game library on 3DS.

Highlights include the launch of Pac-Man and Mega Man on the home console, and the release of Mario & Yoshi, Ice Climber, Balloon Fight and Super C on the portable with added two player support.

This week's 3DS Virtual Console games incorporate Download Play functionality, enabling those who purchase them to play two-player with a friend without that friend having to download the game as well.

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Neonridr1904d ago

sweet Mega Man. Definite buy for me.

kirbyu1903d ago

Except Capcom will probably cancel it.