Why Does the Gaming Industry Hate Animals‏

If there is one thing I will take from the last year in gaming, it’s that the industry hates wildlife – absolutely despises it. If you happen to live anywhere near a major developer, all I can say is this; keep your dog indoors…..especially if you live anywhere near any of those lunatics over at Ubisoft.

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ApolloTheBoss1759d ago

Counter Question: Why does the media hate everything a gamer does?

zeee1759d ago

I like Eggs! Oh, I must hate chickens!

minimur121759d ago

lol, mankind hasn't been hunting animals for the past millions of years.

buddymagoo1759d ago

Not just video games, comics hate animals too!

Batman recently punched a horse! For shame.

Mounce1759d ago

@buddymagoo WATCH OUT! If PETA found out that image existed, they would scream abuse! ABUSE! Repeatedly until our ears bleed!

SilentNegotiator1759d ago

....what about the billions of virtual people that we kill annually in video games?

OH but the animals!!!

KyRo1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

I miss the days when we used to play as animals. Everything these days is a man with a gun trying to kill another man with a gun. Where's the Croc's, Gex's, Okami's, Super Frogs and Zool's gone?

Anyone remember the PS1 game Spider? I've only just realised how one dimentional gaming has become since typing this :/

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ThichQuangDuck1759d ago

Ha really why does society hate animals? I don't even believe that to be true,but the game is made from people from society so to abstract it and blame games makes no sense. I am a real life vegetarian,but will kill animals in games especially dogs in stealth games and yell at their death. That is what makes games fun they are simulations not reality.

-Gespenst-1759d ago

Why though? Why do you need that simulation? What about it intices you so much? Maybe it's fun, but that's a twisted illusion. Violence and animal cruelty shouldn't be represented as something fun. Representation is how mass culture and belief are formed, and it's always illusory and exploitative.

Everyone here has this naive view that they're games are free from politics and society. They desperately want to be relieved of responsibility because they're lazy, not because they have any moral fibre. You can't escape how intimately all things (including games) are connected to culture, politics, and society. Stop running from it, stop being so damn lazy. Everything I'm reading here are like views from the nineteenth century- completely clueless.

Reverent1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

@-Gespenst-, for the same reason we love to brutally murder other human beings in video games. For the same reason we go out of our way to download mods for Skyrim that let us bathe in the blood of children...

It's because it's not real. We can do whatever the hell we want in a video game, and still retain our sanity.

Sure, there is a limit to this... but for the most part, it's all in good fun. Nobody here would actually kill someone, or hell, even physically harm someone intentionally just for the fun of it. Don't act like any of us are psychopaths.

ThichQuangDuck1758d ago


Ha nothing is necessary nothing is permitted. I will be a game designer. I cherish every life experience because it is something I can deliver to a player. If I were to say yo let me make all my games vegetarian focus because I am a vegetarian that would be dumb as fuck. I used to eat meat with the rest of them. Make simulations of things people cant experience to abstract them from the reality they are trapped in. As I think of it when people say why game design. When this world crumbles and you want some place to escape to or explore because our world itself seems like a matrix of bullshit I am there was the key to another dimension you just have to turn your key and form the head

Trunkz Jr1759d ago

While you debate this I'll be gutting my cow for dinner in DayZ. No Animals were harmed in the making of the game, so why complain.

vork771759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

counter question why is peta not going after games like this and stop going after games like pokemon and halo

OhMyGandhi1759d ago

it is funny though. The last game I can think of that actually treated animals in a somewhat decent manner would be Fable 2.

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Moncole1759d ago

Why does the gaming industry hate men? We always have to kill men in action games.

Hufandpuf1759d ago

IF games reflect life, when aren't men killing each other?

ddurand11759d ago

its scary that this article is serious.

Axonometri1759d ago

We know who would be first to starve to death now. Some people clearly have no idea what it would be like to survive without out modern industry.

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