Indie game devs give pirates a taste of their own medicine

Greenheart Games is an indie game studio and they just released their first game yesterday, Game Dev Tycoon. A game development simulation. It’s on sale for $8 and you can get it here and vote for it on Steam Greenlight.

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sherimae24131937d ago

lol, i love it, those pirates will always go bankrupt on their pirated copy of the game, well done greenheart ^_^

pupunoob1937d ago

Yeah and the best parts are their comments. So ironic. Hopefully they finally realise the impact of piracy on the game industry. It would suck if all we have is free-to-play games with pay to unlock content models.

HenryFord1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

Impact on the industry? What impact? Somehow the gaming industry lived through the past two decades, becoming bigger and bigger every single year - despite piracy. Something must be "off" here...

While I appreciate the effort from Greenheart Games (no DRM and all is a nice touch), they still don't give out a demo version (see my edit below). I hate buying things before I'm able to try them. Granted - it's only 8$, but not everyone can just "pay" that and be done with it (I just bought it, btw).

I'm against piracy, but the way the gaming-industry is dealing with its customers is beyond stupid. You get heavy-duty DRM, you get always-on, you get no demo, ... - it surely looks like that the publishers are trying to push us to piracy, because in the end the only punished person is their customer, the pirates don't have to deal with this c***. (This remembers of DVD Movies where you'd get a anti-piracy ad before you were able to get into the menu of the DVD; Of course, the only affected people where those that actually bought the DVD)

I take back what I said, there is actually a demo available. Then this prank is just hilarious.