European PlayStation forum PSN intergration postponed to late April

The Forums were expected to be taken offline today, for a period of 3 days, to allow Sony to implement PLAYSTATION®Network authentication for Forum registration and login.

Unfortunately, a little more time is needed to add the final few finishing touches to the Forums for this update and so they have decided to postpone the planned changes. They now expect these changes to take place in late April.

Although the technical aspect of PSN Authentication is working fine, a little more TLC is needed in terms of the look and feel, and they just need some additional time to get everything ship-shape and ready for your arrival.

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Blademask3744d ago

What is the point, if they dont verify that you have a ps3?

whoelse3744d ago

It means you will eventually be able to access PSN features from your PC.

pwnsause3744d ago

think of that concept in E3 last year where you were able to acess PSN features such as (and Primarly) Home Last year.

whoelse3744d ago

It seems a bit old that they told us to day. I mean, how could you come to the actual day, and then delay it by over a month...

faisdotal3744d ago

Of all things to delay.........

kwicksandz3744d ago

PAL = shafted

40gb anyone?

arcadegoal3744d ago

That would be good just like xbox live on the pc if you are at work you could log in and see your freinds or check out the latest DLC or send a message again like xbox live so come on SONY catch up.

arcadegoal3744d ago

is anyone ellse on this site noticing that some of the buttons have just got a red cross and some user pictures arnt being displayed mine included ????