Gamernode: FIFA Street 3 Review

Is FIFA Street 3 a good game? It could have been, but it's not. Even for a Street game it's below mediocre, and the constant little things like annoying AI, bad passing physics, and random ball bounces that lead to losing the ball add up far faster than they should have. EA made the move towards realism in a Street game, and it really took away whatever redeeming qualities it may have had.

When people play FIFA Street they expect fun, absurdity, and soccer matches the likes of which they'd never see in real life. Instead, they get a game that's more realistic than ludicrous, and offers little in the way of replay value. If Gamernode want a realistic soccer game, they will get Pro Evo. If you're a fan of soccer (or football) at all, you'd be wise to pass this one up and do the same.

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