Soul Sacrifice Pre-Order Incentives Revealed

Earlier this month Electronic Theatre reported on the special bonus set to be included with the retail version of the forthcoming Soul Sacrifice, but today we turn our attentions to the digital edition. Soul Sacrifice will launch at retail stores and via the PlayStation Network simultaneously, and publisher Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) is working hard to ensure that early adopters through either channel are rewarded.

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hulk_bash19871937d ago

Just picked up my copy before heading into work. The Gamestop employee said to check back later on today for the bonuses, as they weren't printing them out yet. But I can't wait to pop my copy in and get to killing some demons.

jon12341937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

you have it already? :(

i have to wait until 3 tomorrow to get it :(

hulk_bash19871937d ago

Yes sir perks of living on Guam we are a day ahead.

jon12341937d ago

woah, so youre from the future!! haha

insomnium21937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

Ahahahaha! From the future! That earns you a "funny" bubble from me Jon. I was JUST in the mood for a comment like that. LOL!

Damn I really need to play the demo some more to see if this is a purchase or not.

DivineAssault 1937d ago

European bonus' only? What about NA? I want some freebies too.. I will be going 1st thing in the morning to get my copy.. Cant wait to play & dont give a damn what any haters have to say about it in their reviews either..

admiralvic1937d ago

This was announced nearly 2 months ago as a preorder bonus in the US.

kayoss1937d ago

I agree with you. I'm just waiting for monster hunter fans (Nintendo) to come here to bash this game. Lol

o-Sunny-o1936d ago

This game is great I want it nao! I would traded in MH if I had that game.