Firefox 3 goes on a diet, eats less memory than IE and Opera

arstechnica writes:

"In our recent coverage of the Firefox 3 beta releases (1, 2, 3, 4), we have noted performance improvements and a significant reduction in memory consumption relative to Firefox 2. The enormous amount of effort that developers invested in boosting resource efficiency for Firefox 3 has paid off, and the results are very apparent during day-to-day use.

During intensive browsing with approximately 50 tabs, I have found that Firefox 3 generally consumes less than half of the memory used by Firefox Firefox 3 is also snappier and more responsive when switching between tabs and performing other operations that typically lag in Firefox when the browser is experiencing heavy load. "

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Joey Gladstone3655d ago

Currently Browsing N4G with Firefox.....IE to me just seems way to unreliable for my everyday use......
......"The JOEY has Spoken"

gonzopia3655d ago

I'm forced to browse (under certain circumstances) with IE6, and it's funny - because comments don't show up until I scroll past them and then scroll back up. Very odd. Stupid IE6.

But @home it's always Firefox. Can't wait for Mozilla to release the final FF3 build.

incogneato3655d ago

It seems unreliable because it's trendy to hate Microsoft products but the truth is IE7 is faster, more secure, and more attractive. Also if you download IE7Pro you can have mouse gestures, adblock, etc everything you need and STILL waste less memory than Firefox. It even comes in 64-bit.

The truth is IE7 is way better than Firefox. Even Opera is better. Firefox wastes tons of memory, yes even Firefox 3, when you start adding extensions.

Also this graph is a lie. You can see for yourself just by opening up task manager. Look at IE7 and Firefox and Firefox always wastes more memory. Yes, even Firefox 3.

bourner3655d ago

has anyone else lost all their bookmarks ???????????????????

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mighty_douche3655d ago

Less memory than Opera? I'm surprised.

Less than IE is a shoe-in really, just like everything with the MS/Windows logo on it, its GREEDY!

side note, does anyone even use IE anymore?

Moac3655d ago

Yes, I use both. but mostly Firefox: If Microsoft is t make IE a bit more User friendly i would switch.

incogneato3655d ago

I use it, because I actually take a look at a product and how it works not just who made it. IE7 is superior. Open up your task manager and you'll see both Opera and IE7 are still faster than Firefox 3.

IntelligentAj3655d ago

Just when I thought you couldn't improve upon perfection.

mighty_douche3655d ago

My ears are burning.... :)

vloeistof3655d ago

i like firefox i am using its fun.

games4fun3655d ago

and easier to use once you load it up on your comp you'll be wondering why you didnt have it sooner

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The story is too old to be commented.