Quantic Dream's PS4 engine predates Beyond: Two Souls

When [Destructoid] asked Quantic Dream co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière if its upcoming, untitled PlayStation 4 game would be based on Beyond: Two Souls' engine, [Destructoid] got a response [Destructoid] wasn't expecting. The developer began development on PS4 over two years ago -- among the first developers to have dev kits -- which influenced the technology that would go into building Beyond's engine.

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Julie1364d ago

This is but a mere preview of my comment.

You can read more about that, here, tomorrow!


minimur121364d ago

the only reason you're getting dislikes is because not many people get the joke. xD

Julie1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

ya and the disagree fairy too :(

That's why i don't post too much in here :s

AkatsukiPain1364d ago

With how beautiful beyond two souls looks on ps3, I can only imagine what they can do with the ps4. It will only be full of win.

Shinra Tensei

abzdine1364d ago

one disagrees with Beyond looks gorgeous!? Seriously?

coolmast3r1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

He is here. Beware. He might be just behind your back right now. I mean the person who disagreed.

MasterCornholio1364d ago

I'm amazed that even with such old hardware they can manage to pull off these visuals. The last game I've played by quantum dreams was Indigo Philosophy and I loved it.

Motorola RAZR i

Salooh1364d ago

Do you know that they released a game on ps3 ?. It's called Heavy rain. You must play it if you really loved Indigo..

LKHGFDSA1364d ago

wow, that is really amazing.

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