Battlefield 4 preorder bonuses

Once again, if gamers preorder Battlefield 4 they will get different items depending on where they get it from.

Battlefield 4 is set to be released on October 29 for PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4.

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pompombrum1906d ago

Urggg when are publishers going to stop this different items from different places nonsense? Preorder bonuses should be a way of thanking gamers for their loyalty to the series not penalizing them by making them order from somewhere specific to get the bonus they want.

JKelloggs1906d ago

Remember the pre-order bonus for BF3? Where you got a type 99 and flechete ammo for the doa early. Well enough people complained about it being a pre-order bonus, and then everybody got it, after a few weeks. Hopefully this is the same case

ssj271906d ago

We the gamers agree..

It's annoying and sad.

SouthClaw1906d ago

I am waiting to get a next gen version announced then and only then will I preorder. Why preorder 360 version when I am getting Next Xbox.

Daver1906d ago

same here, im waiting for them to announce next gen

angelsx1906d ago

Next gen or monster pc.No way to play Battlefield 3 on my Ps3 or X360 again.

Legion211906d ago

I'm just going to wait for the premium edition. Preordering games screws you over later.

Supermax1906d ago

You can change your per order to another system at any time without a penalty,main thing is grab the preorder bonus wile you can,that game stop one is great to jump in on.a map pack for free is nothing to sneeze at.

Supermax1906d ago

All your looking for with a pre order is a code,once you have that you can switch over to premium once it's announced.

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