Sci-fi RPG Mars: War Logs rolls onto Steam

Mars: War Logs. I can’t pinpoint what’s wrong with that name, exactly, but after rolling it over my tongue a couple of times I’m now convinced it’s about a group of Warlocks sponsored by the Mars confectionary company. [Tom Sykes]

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ATi_Elite1905d ago

Now this is a Good MMO.

after watching a lot of gameplay it looks like the Devs are trying to bring back that good Old Red Faction feeling.

The graphics, story, gameplay looks to be solid and way more interesting than the Defiance MMO.

Saryk1904d ago

He didn't say it was, he said it was more interesting that the Defiance MMO.

Pintheshadows1904d ago

'Now this is a Good MMO'.

That is the first thing he said in his comment?

Learn to read.