Suikoden Revival Movement's "Small Conversations" With Konami

Those who want the beloved Suikoden franchise back are keeping lines of communication with Konami open. Here's hoping this has an impact...

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Malice-Flare1971d ago

if their response to fan feedback is the same as with Silent Hill. i wouldn't hold my breath nor have high expectations if they act on it...

sherimae24131971d ago

the last suikoden game has been released last year that is also never localized
but the last great suikoden game released is suikoden 5 which was on ps2 days....

i hope konami revive this franchise back... there is still a lot of questions to be answered in this game..

Kratoscar20081970d ago

Im playing Suiko 1&2&5 so i will give my support.

Just give me a Silent Protagonist not those guys like the DS and PSP suikos.