Your Most Hated Game Franchise Is...

If there's one video game series you just can't stand, what is it? Maybe you hate what the publishers have done to it, or maybe you just despise the genre.

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kalkano1936d ago

Flame war, incoming!

Yes, I'm going with Call of Duty. I know there are tons of people out there that love shooters, but I can't stand them. Any time I so much as see a shooter in the headline of a news article, I grind my teeth a little.

To be completely honest, the main reason I hate it so much, is because it's not for me, and it's the most popular genre. And because it's the most popular, that's what most developers make. I want those studios to make other games (mainly RPGs). I know that's stupid, since those studios would probably have no idea how to make an RPG, but there's my self-psycho-analysis.

xPhearR3dx1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

If you want RPG games, play on PC. There's thousands of them. They may not be blockbuster titles with a $50min budget or tons of advertising, but there's some hidden gems out there. You could always go with the MMO route. I just started playing Rift and put around 30 hours over the weekend and I can't put it down. Although, I'll need to since I have work tomorrow, but that besides the point.

You could always try Rift for free by downloading Rift Lite. If you use Raptr and play the Lite version for 11 hours, Raptr will give you the full game ($10) + expansion ($40) + 30 ($15) days of game time for free. Hell of deal to get you started.