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Sunday Flashback: What was Sony thinking?

VGR: Seriously, this was the marketing campaign for the last Playstation. Thank you Sony for fueling my nightmares... (PS3, Sony)

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Nitrowolf2  +   760d ago
lol for some reason I really liked these commercials, but I do admit that they probably didn't do much for them as they had hoped.

Good thing they went with the Kevin Butler Idea later on.

The one that did creep me out: http://www.youtube.com/watc...

I did like when they decided to focus on the games with commercial http://www.youtube.com/watc...

All the butler ones are great though: http://www.youtube.com/watc...
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Dee_Cazo  +   759d ago
Welp, never saw that one before - that girl is terrifying, as are the comments on the video.
GamerElite  +   759d ago
I'd still hit it
iGAM3R-VIII  +   759d ago
lol maybe sony used some marketing people on meth :P
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RioKing  +   758d ago
Dido, I personally liked these commercials. Although I can definitely see how not everyone would...
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PopRocks359  +   760d ago
Yeah these commercials were pretty damn trippy. Oh well. They could have been more like the PSP squirrels commercial. And besides, we eventually wound up getting Kevin Butler ads and those were hilarious.
kreate  +   759d ago
I thought those were fake parody commercials when I first saw them lol

Even the japanese ps3 commercials were freaky.

Best PlayStation ads I saw so far was the korean ones.

Oh sony ... maybe the whole time the problem was ur marketing team.

Later though, sony make dot believe was a pretty good ad. But again, thats not a PlayStation ad.

The all stars one was pretty good with all the PlayStation characters coming out, although the ad was interesting, it wasnot geared toward the general public.

Just do what Microsoft does for marketing. Copy exactly what they do.
Hicken  +   759d ago
"Copy exactly what they do."
Spend far more on marketing than their games?


Sony could use better marketing, but they don't need to go THAT far.
kreate  +   759d ago
Ey man.. the sales gotta be there ;)
Why o why  +   759d ago
Cant play sales.
nukeitall  +   759d ago
@Why o why:

"Cant play sales."

A product won't exist too long if it doesn't sell....
Why o why  +   759d ago
Obviously businesses cant survive without sales

Its almost like you'd prefer sony spend their money on marketing less games better than them spending more of their money on game creation and less on marketing.

Got pads in my hand not calculators. Their bottom lines aren't my primary concern. They pay none of my bills. Im in this for me. Games please.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   759d ago
***"Their bottom lines aren't my primary concern. They pay none of my bills. Im in this for me. Games please."***

Quote of the f***ing century...
nukeitall  +   759d ago
@Why o why:

"Its almost like you'd prefer sony spend their money on marketing less games better than them spending more of their money on game creation and less on marketing."

No, I prefer Sony focusing on surviving, because I want them to succeed. That means a nice balance between marketing and creation.

Now, I don't think Sony lacks marketing at all though.

"Got pads in my hand not calculators. Their bottom lines aren't my primary concern. They pay none of my bills. Im in this for me. Games please."

I'm in this for me too, which means I want these companies to succeed so I can continue to get awesome experiences and please don't make it just about games. I don't just play games, but watch movies, listen to music and do a host of other things too.

Include all of that!

I'm just not so narrow sighted that I want any company to focus on a niche group and then die. They need to expand and as long as they provide me with what I want, I'm happy.
Why o why  +   759d ago
Cause Sony really look like they're in trouble for you to care more about their marketing expenditure over their game creation.

The reason why some are pissed at ms and their change in focus is because they've taken less care of segment you call niche. .. what a terrible apologistic view of things.

Nowhere did I state that x or y group shouldn't be catered to, or that them staying in business isn't important but I buy a product for my benefit primarily not theirs; be it their survival or profits.

Games please, bring enough good ones for all of your customers with good balance and you'll survive. Sony is testament to that. 3 new ips this year... played with pads mate. I'll leave the calculations for the investors and shareholder types..
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kreate  +   759d ago
but sony makes good games already.
they got the gaming department covered.

the reason why their stuff dont sell as they wanted it to is becuz they semi-fail at marketing.

so by this logic, shouldnt sony spend more money on marketing?

i remember in 2006-2008, all i saw on american television was xbox ad after xbox ad after xbox ad. so everyone went out and bought a xbox.

even multi-platform games showed the xbox logo and at the end of the commercial, it said to 'jump into xbox live for the world of entertainment' when the game is also available on ps3
solidjun5  +   758d ago
"No, I prefer Sony focusing on surviving, because I want them to succeed. That means a nice balance between marketing and creation. "

Based on your comment history, what you've just said is a complete and utter lie.
Why o why  +   758d ago

ha, true, but I didn't mind trying to explain why its still about gaming for me... I've never purchased a console to save a console maker because I'm not a shareholder or management within the company. I'm an end user, a customer. Same as I was when I purchased an import dreamcast or my amiga or whatever.


If you mean copy ms marketing tactics then I hear ya 100 but money isn't unlimited and there's a trade off with ms's meth, be it forced or simple choice.

They spent less on game internal development of the type of titles they used to. If they could market like they do and produce and nurture studios like sony, it would be the absolute best model and worth emulating. In reality its not, so, if I had to chose a model that benefits my hobby\past time\ addiction the best I'd go for one that yielded the most substance.
AkatsukiPain  +   759d ago
I agree some of the commercials had a question mark in my head like wtf was that? I dont think these commercials were the problem though, it was that sony didnt do enough advertising at the time.

Great thing is they learned from alot of their passed mistakes and been doing a very good job of turning all those things around. Kaz has done a phenomenal job and it looks like it will only get better from here on out.

Also that 30 minute beyond two souls gameplay looks freakin fan-effing-tastic. It will definitely be a must buy day 1 title for me.

Shinra Tensei
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Soldierone  +   759d ago
I think if properly funded, these commercials would have done what they were supposed to do.

They were supposed to be trippy and make you go "wth was that?!" But there wasn't enough of them. I remember literally watching TV more just to wait for one to come on, and never seeing them at all.I saw it maybe once before they went in a different direction.
MasterCornholio  +   759d ago
Oh god not the demonic undead baby. When I saw that I was like WTF is this?

Motorola RAZR i
GreenRanger  +   759d ago
Sunday Flashback on a Monday.
Could this be a flashback of a flashback?!
matrixman92  +   759d ago
still Sunday on the West Coast in America
GreenRanger  +   759d ago
Hello from tomorrow/later today!
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matrixman92  +   759d ago
why sony goes weird....they really go for it
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CEOSteveBallmer  +   759d ago
I think these early PS3 ads, for you to appreciate it is like to appreciate art. You dont need to comprehend or understand. Maybe thats where they are going with this. its like labeling the PS3 as "Out of this world" mysterious and unknown. This holds true because game developers reaction to the PS3 architecture is somewhat "Alien". making it hard to develop for and yet in the end when they grasped the tech inside, they produced games like God of war 3, Uncharted, heavy rain and I cant believe PS3 is still capable of improving. See the graphics of Beyond 2 souls and last of us.
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Imalwaysright  +   759d ago
Lol this is better than some horror movies out there. I love it!
TheKayle1  +   759d ago
worst commercial ever

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