Have You Seen The New Splinter Cell Trailer?

"With millions of lives at stake, Sam Fisher must make his enemies believe he is everywhere, always one step ahead. He incites fear by stalking his foes, choosing the right moment, the right tool, and the right takedown to get the job done. He strikes with explosive speed and unmatched precision....

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Indo1906d ago

Seems like Sam is getting younger each game. Benjamin Button style

o-Sunny-o1906d ago

Yeah a 70 year old lost his voice. I use to love these games when they were out but I'll skip this one. Maybe the rest of them R.I.P. Michael Ironside.

Krosis1906d ago

Meh, series died when Michael Ironside departed as Sams voice.

krazykombatant1906d ago

pretty much, i could put up with conviction with the fact that it was still michael Ironside playing as the dude. Now, the character model doesn't look like the older fisher we knew. The new voice actor doesn't even try to make his voice sound old,coarse and filled with anger when he talks.

I'll buy this when the price drops, and only if Mercs V spies is any good.

GodsPerfectK7ng1906d ago

I wish sam would get old like solid snake and still kick ass in his 50's. This is why I'm getting ground zeroes and phantom pain!!

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