New Watch Dogs Video April 29th

Surveillance Rpt #274789: Suspect Aiden Pearce was seen on Lake St. ctOS is pulling video, will be updated tomorrow.

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Pandemic1460d ago

The hype for this game doesn't seem to be slowing down. They're doing a great job at keeping the hype up.

ame221460d ago

Timing is very suspicious, same day of release for the GTA5 trailers. Regardless, a smart move on Ubi's part.

ExitToExisT1460d ago

A day before GTA V trailers:D

coolmast3r1460d ago

Don't get me wrong but Watch Dogs and GTA V are projects from different categories. It's like comparing Gran Turismo with Need For Speed.

thechosenone1460d ago

I'm so pumped for this game! I really hope WD doesn't go with the always connected DRM cr*p and the rumors are wrong on this one.

shadowwizard1460d ago

29th April is today, so is it going to be released today, or tomorrow (30th April)?

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The story is too old to be commented.