Why we need more games like Tomb Raider

Venture Beat: "We should all embrace and encourage diversity in gaming protagonists. These characters stand at the center of our interactive experiences. If they all came from the same mold, we would have no point to play."

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Root1877d ago

God no...

Tomb Raider shouldn't of been like this, good game but still should of been a proper Tomb Raider game

People should realize big explosions, barley escaping with your life moments, wave after wave of enemies and loads of gun fights don't make a game good automatically. It worked for Uncharted but only because it also had good acting and voice acting.

TekoIie1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Helps when you read the article...

It makes no mention of Tomb Raiders new direction in gameplay vs the originals.

GuyThatPlaysGames1876d ago

This game was incredible and had me on the edge of the couch the ENTIRE game. I loved it! The visuals and the gameplay were Top-Notch!

SuperSteve1877d ago

"Unfortunately, a lot of females in games serve as eye candy for players. They are always sexed up, ditzy girls who don’t represent the majority of women. Lara Croft, however, is different.

She’s strong. She’s sensitive. She’s real."

No, she isn't. She's a poorly written character who's no more believable than the "iconic" Lara Croft.

Recent college graduate with no real-world experience and no training who suddenly and inexplicably turns into Rambo's daughter in a hearbeat and proceeds to tear ass through an entire mercenary force numbering in the hundreds - who, in real-life, would be more apt to RAPE the first woman they've seen in God knows how long than shoot her - is supposed to be a REAL character?

Don't insult my intelligence.

Dude4201876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

I think you've missed the point. It's not about her being realistic, but being a strong female lead. I'm not saying I agree with the article, but the authour is just trying to say that this female protagonist has these traits and I think for the following reasons.

Strong, because as her character develops through the game, she becomes more hardened in combat and is more willing to overcome any obstacle to reach her goal.

Sensitive, because she's a caring character when it comes to her colleagues/friends.

Real, because although she does look sexy, she doesn't use it or flaunt it to get her way like oh so many other female characters in video games.

Sadly, we don't see much of this in movies or video games. Most female characters in movies these days like Black Widow aren't even badass, martial arts is just used as a disguise. If you're looking for real badasses, look no further back than the 80's like Ripley, Vasquez, Sarah Connor, those chicks had real intensity.

Kte1877d ago

Need more games like this? IMO when I played this, the first thing that came to mind was a low quality version with a female of Farcry3. Seems like all they did was add elements from that

supraking9511876d ago

More games like Tomb Raider? Sorry other games did it better and Tomb Raider copied them. Hunting was far better in Far Cry 3 and RDR. Uncharted influenced TR heavily. Batman Arkham City says hello.

WeAreLegion1876d ago

We do need more female leads. Developers needs to take that "financial risk" and just do it. It obviously sells, so just try it! Heavenly Sword sold pretty darn well, also. ;)

(That being said, I felt like the story of Tomb Raider held it back from being a great game.)

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