Wii U 3.0.0 Firmware Review I Expansive

The first major update for Wii U has finally arrived and it brings some big changes.

Users can now download a title when the Wii U is powered down, placing the system in stand-by mode. The Wii U flashes with an orange light to indicate that it’s still working as long as the power supply is still on. This was a pretty big omission from launch considering both 360 and PS3 were already capable of doing such things. Thankfully, it’s here now and works as well as expected.

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YoungPlex1938d ago

Major step in the right direction, now let's add cross-game chat!

PopRocks3591938d ago

No kidding. It's high time Nintendo got that feature applied. Not that I'm unsatisfied with the results of the spring update, but the summer update couldn't come soon enough.

fairyblaster1938d ago

The Wii U flashes with an orange light to indicate that it’s still working as long as the power supply is still on? cool

guitarded771938d ago

I'd prefer widescreen on VC titles and a trophy/achievement system for right now. I don't have enough Wii U friends for cross game chat to take precedence over the other stuff right now. Not saying I don't want it, I just want other things more. The idea of platinuming/100% all the classic Zelda and Metroid games is very enticing.

PopRocks3591938d ago

Actually now that I think of it, this I can agree with. Seeing performance upgrades/options like that would actually be very cool. Bubble up.

YoungPlex1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Absolutely agree with you but I have over 20 friends who I play Monster Hunter with and would like to chat with the people who are not in my lobby when I'm playing with others. Right now there is only one way to send micro messages while playing MH3U and I really don't like that feature.

When it comes to VC titles I'm a little baffled as to why they're not widescreen! I mean if what you say is true then why would I transfer my content from the Wii, to the Wii U, and spend a buck to have it on the Wii U main menu? The Wii's VC games were at least 480p and were widescreen! This is a major issue indeed if true, your absolutely correct, it needs to be addressed...

(EDIT): One major addition to the update that I did notice that no one mentioned, is that the disc-drive does NOT continually keep spinning the disc and only starts reading whatever disc, whether it be Wii or Wii U disc, when they are in use; which was a HUGE deal for me when I was using Netflix, Hulu, or any app period! I would have to eject the disc for it to stop but not any more, now it just stops automatically.

Qrphe1938d ago

Don't expect native widescreen support. Most VC titles rely on sprites, which makes changing the native resolution impossible without reprogramming the game itself.

FlyingFoxy1938d ago

isn't it just using an emulator? on PC you can increase resolution to 1080P for everything, including Wii, Dreamcast, Gamecube etc.. even the much older 16bit systems and they all look much better.

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DA_SHREDDER1938d ago

2 gigs of RAM and and a decent processor is gonna give the WiiU a long life cycle

Wagz221938d ago

Not sure if your serious or sarcastic, but since you have one bubble, you do realize at this point in the game 2gb of ram is a joke right?

jcnba281938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

The only reason you have 5 bubbles is because you are pro sony on this site. And 2gb of ram is not a joke, whether you like it or not amazing games will be made with the Wii U's hardware.

Wagz221938d ago

For next gen games that are trying to push graphics and the amount of things to load, 2gb of ram is not enough. Battlefield 3 pretty much needs 4gb on ultra and that is probably going to be the norm next gen. Also I'm not pro-sony, even though I only have ps3 and pc, I like all consoles because they all give gaming something different. I give nintendo credit for always trying something new, but to say 2gb of ram is good for a long lifecycle when new consoles are going to have 8gb is delusional. Though first party nintendo games will be able to give a long lifecycle, third party games are not going to do very well if they are graphics intensive.

InTheLab1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )


Darthv2 is probably one of the biggest Xbox supporters on the site and has a ton of bubble because he never attacks anyone and is usually an interesting read. Whatever he says usually furthers the conversation and that is why he has bubbles...not disagrees.

jaymart2k1938d ago

How so, I play Far Cry 3 on PC with graphics card with 2gb of ram on ultra & maintain 40+FPS.

Certainly better then the low level graphics the console versions gets that also at times chug below 30fps.

Fact is, no one has taken advantage of the ram in the Wii U yet.

Wait for Retro Game's next Mario. Look what they pulled off with Mario Galaxy.

Wagz221938d ago

I'm talking about 2gb of system memory not ram on a video card. There's no way you could run far cry 3 with 2gb of SYSTEM ram. Not sure why all the disagrees either. I'm not talking down about with the Wii U can do, mario bros u looks great and I'm sure the new super smash bros and Zelda will also look amazing. But they are first party games. I'm trying to make the point that the life cycle for third party games on the Wii U will be tough with you develop games to use 4 or 6 gigs and then have to redo code to work with only 2.

SnipeySnake1937d ago

Graphics, Graphics, Graphics. That's all people care about this generation and next generation, it's never about fun games. It's things like this that might make me a handheld-only gamer.

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Theyellowflash301938d ago

The 3DS has far less and it looks like it's going to have a longer life cycle than the PS Vita.

SonyPS41938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Which means raw hardware specs isn't the most important factor for a successful console. It never really was in the past, and likely never will be. Look at the GameCube, these same people bashing the Wii U didn't buy the Gamecube despite having really powerful hardware for its time. PS1 & PS2 both steamrolled their more powerful competitors, and raw hardware specs had nothing to do with that.

All of a sudden specs matter. Gamers are a fickle minded community. EDIT: Oh wait they are just a vocal minority, nvm...

FlyingFoxy1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Vita is a great device, so is 3DS. I own both, 3DS is great purely for games though it can get a bit uncomfortable to hold, Vita is comfy with it's
rounded sides.

You can't say Vita is going to fail, i bet you don't even own one but it can do a lot more than 3DS other than games. Plus if people moan about the price i am not really sure why because it's a nice sleek piece of hardware, once more games come there is no problems with it. It already has a handful of great games.

Plus they look practically as good as PS3 titles, not to be scoffed at for a handheld for sure!.

Theyellowflash301938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )


I never said the Vita was going to put those words in my mouth.

The 3DS XL has rounded sides as well. And yeah price is a problem, when a 32 GB memory card is almost $100.

As far as doing a lot more than the 3DS can do, I guess. But the 3DS can do things the Vita can't do. Like 3D.

When it comes to games. The 3DS just has more, and has the support of Nintendo's top teams. Link to the Past 2, Project X Zone, Pokemon X and Y all coming to the 3DS this year.

I don't have anything against the Vita, I just already have a PS3 and other consoles for gaming. I don't need a portable home console.

n4f1938d ago

is the need of a review of a firmware update really that necessary?

admiralvic1938d ago

It's a rereview of the system, though I never really understood reviewing a system in the first place. Not like you can get a better console to play the first party titles, so it really comes down to "do you want the games or not."

jcnba281938d ago

Every single day on this site you see psn firmware update articles.

Jek_Porkins1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

It was a nice update, not sure why some outlets were reporting that it could take an hour to update though, took me less than 25 minutes, and well worth it. Nice to see an update that actually improves everyday functions.

Neonridr1938d ago

I think mine took about 20 mins or so. Then a few minutes to actually install the update (including a reboot). I guess it depends on people's internet connections. That and I am sure that the Nintendo servers were really busy when the update first came out. Super happy that updates for both the system and software will automatically download now even when the system is in standby mode.

jaymart2k1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Cause when it it comes to Nintendo you gotta put a negative spin on it. It's like a requirement when Nintendo launches a console/handheld.

ajax171938d ago

Hopefully the PS4 and next Xbox won't have initial software issues like the Wii U.

jaymart2k1938d ago

Hardware problems is what I'd be more conserned of. Especially Microsoft.

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