The Future of the eShop and Virtual Console

The biggest misconception about the Wii U Virtual Console is that it is a simple rom dump.

It is a not a simple rom dump/emulation process.

They have to get the game to run properly on the TV and Gamepad simultaneously without any slowdown.
For example: A PC emulator doesn’t even run every Nintendo 64 rom 100% perfectly.
Miiverse implementation for each game.
Create a community for each game.

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byeGollum1972d ago

eShop is nice, there are some unique games on it.

XXXL1972d ago

With the VC finally coming out with remote gamepad play I'll be purchasing a Wii U.

MilkMan1972d ago

eShop is awesome and I love how Nintendo is talking directly to its consumers. There is real value in that market place. It can only get better. Thats for both WiiU and 3DS