Will Xbox Always On Feature Work? It Could, If Done Correctly

I know that many of us out there cannot fathom the idea of Microsoft’s always on feature actually making it into their next console. As a matter of fact, I felt the exact same way for a very long time, until recently that is. You see, I’ve come to realize that the video game industry, especially the console market, is becoming an extremely volatile business. Games are getting more and more expensive to make every year and (inflation considered) since game prices are staying the same; games are getting cheaper and cheaper.

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Abash1906d ago

There just is no need for a console to require it being connected online for it to function

dasbeer881906d ago

Not only the always-online function but also the supposed DRM. IF Microsoft implements DRM for their games, then forget it. I'll never buy another XBOX game from them...ever.

joab7771906d ago

So, I always play online. It seems it would be no big deal. In 1 week I am going to california for 2 weeks to see my grandparents. I always bring my xbox or ps3 for downtime. They own 100 acre ranch in the mountains. Problem is that the only internet they hav is dial up or a capped satellite. Thus I have no way to play online. Last time I played dragon age and it was no big deal. I amnplaying dark souls now and am gonna hav to play a bit offline.

What do I do in situations like this? Its not a huge deal but when considering which next gen console to invest in, I am gonna choose one that I can play offline. This is just one reason too.

daddy1c31906d ago

For your situation, if Microsoft decides to go to route of simply checking to see if you have an internet connection every say, 30 minutes or so. If you do have a connection, allow you to keep playing; but if you don't have a connection, you could get a warning that you need to reconnect within the next 30 minutes to continue playing. Steam has a similar feature, and if Microsoft decides to be the console to usher in this new movement, it may cement their future in this industry.

Tres211906d ago

off topic @ daddy1c3

hey i havent used steam & when u said they have a 30min check i havent heard much of steambox lately but i wonder if they would do something similar 2 that specially if its tied to steam

Ausbo1906d ago

what if this always online function was nothing but a way the box constantly updates and keeps up with fresh programming for the cable and updates.

I doubt they will implement the system that you need to be connected to play a game. That, along with a used game block would be a big mistake and cause a massive uproar.

GalacticEmpire1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

The article come to the illogical conclusion that the 40 something million XBL subscribers must have constant online connections. It's estimated that only half of those pay for a gold sub and that's still no guarantee of the quality of their internet.

I mean really, are they trying to say it's OK to push invasive online only DRM on gamers because 'it'll sell anyway'? What a terrible argument.

The part about one percent of live users buying an Xbox 3, utter nonsense. Even if 100% of those people bought Xbox 3s in it's lifetime that'd still be only 46ish million.


This dude can try to praise it all he wants... lets see his opinion when he loses his internet connection.

Ken221906d ago

Daddy1c3 go home you're drunk.

Salooh1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

Fanboys are crazy. They are like racists. They defend the wrong things even though they acknowledge it. The worst thing is when you hear their excuses. I don't even want to continue saying what's in my mind..

NegativeCreepWA1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

If MS does some sort cable deal, where a cable provider is leasing consoles to people, it would work for those, to prevent people from selling them.

But, for people that actually purchase a console, there's no way in hell that'll fly.

NegativeCreepWA1906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

With all the cable box/always online rumors, I think this is route MS will be taking.

Regular console for people to purchase and always online cable box versions that can be regulated.

I try not to get in these arguments, but it does seem to be the logical answer to all the rumors. Any other way and MS is committing suicide.

I'm not one of these so called journalist, so I won't go write an article about it, but what do you guys think?

Ausbo1906d ago

i dont care about the used game ban, cause i hate gamestop and thier ripoff used games. I usually buy new. I think they are going this route too. i just don't think it will be as bad as rumored

cleft51906d ago (Edited 1906d ago )

They can do it however they want. If the next xbox is always online I will not buy it. Everyone else can spend their money however they like.

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