BioShock Infinite Showcases Power Of Unreal Engine 3 Technology

Irrational Games has another hit on its hands. BioShock Infinite has been amazing critics (with a 95 rating for PC and PlayStation 3 and a 93 for Xbox 360) and gamers alike. The sequel to the critically acclaimed blockbusters, BioShock and BioShock 2, has taken advantage of years of technology advancements from both Epic Games, which built the Unreal Engine 3 game engine, and the development team at Irrational Games, which has added its own additions to the core engine to bring the floating city of Columbia to life.

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jagiii1823d ago

There's still a lot of life left in current gen consoles.

die_fiend1823d ago

Roughly 9 months, then into the trash

Salooh1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Not entirely. To me yes but it still have life. It will be supported. But i don't like when someone ask why do we need the ps4. These kind of people only bought the ps3 lately and they want us to suffer for their benefit. It's like we are wrong for buying the ps3 early and played all the great games in it while they are right for not playing anything to make them bored of this generation..

I'm sick of this generation and if next generation doesn't blow me away then gaming will not be my hobby any more. I know it can impress me but the greed of the company's will destroy gaming for me. That's what is happening to my vita. Early games are ports from current generation and that's not a good thing. But i'm giving it a chance..

Panthers1822d ago

This game was great and I loved the artstyle, but the graphics themselves were not the highlight of this game. Not really sure how this showcases UE3.

creHEARTive1823d ago

just when the companies make the best use of the system, new ones are announced.

Statix1823d ago

I think Last of Us might have something to say about that.

danny8181823d ago

Agreed! If naughty dog lands it right, they should win. Since its a new ip, new ip's should be very welcomed

Tei7771823d ago

No not really. It showcases how amazing art design can compensate for outdated tech.

Statix1823d ago

It doesn't speak much for the engine when the best game using it is one where the engine is heavily modified in almost every aspect.

Pandamobile1823d ago

Engines are supposed to provide the fundamental core of a game. It doesn't speak negatively of the engine if developers can modify and tweak things at their own leisure. In fact, it says the exact opposite.

Statix1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Wow, not only a lot of Bioshock defenders in here, but Unreal Engine defenders?

I'm not saying Unreal Engine is a terrible engine. My simple point is simply that Bioshock Infinite is NOT a great representation of the power of the Unreal Engine, because the engine is hugely modified and updated in almost every way possible for this game. Thus, it's not representative of the power and quality of the Unreal Engine. It's more like, "It's representative of the power and quality of the version of the Unreal Engine that's been heavily modified by Ken Levine's team." Just like how the COD engine is still based on the old Quake engine, created by id Software decades ago--would you say that Black Ops 2 shows the power of the Quake engine?

Does this statement not make sense to ANYONE??? #Logic101

EDIT: Also, don't get butthurt just because I think Last of Us could be a prime contender for game of the year. Firstly, it's an opinion. Secondly, I played through Bioshock Infinite twice, and think it's a fantastic game. I just think Last of Us looks extremely promising as well (perhaps even more so).

TrailerParkSupervisr1822d ago

Exactly. Great art design but graphics were not mind blowing by any means. That doesn't make it a bad game at all, though. One of my most favorite games is Infamous and that didn't win any cutting edge graphic awards.

That is my hope with next gen. Killer graphics ie vast draw distances, no pop in textures, many items on screen with great shadowing and resolution.

1822d ago