Will FUSE be the Sleeper Hit of the Year?

OnlySP: Since the time that EA announced Overstrike way back when, I’ve constantly been asking myself what reason I have to pick up this game. Over the last few months though, it’s begun to pique my interest due to it’s cooperative gameplay and creative weaponry that Insomniac is so well known for. Sadly, I think FUSE will be one of those games that garners high review scores, but low sales due to EA’s lack of marketing of the game aside from a trailer every now and then and the fan feedback of the game due to EA’s partnership with Insomniac, leading many gamers to believe it will simply be another generic shooter under the EA brand.

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majiebeast1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

Have you seen the boxart? Casuals still buy games based on boxart.

The coregamer that visits sites like this, alot of them are still mad about Overstrike turning into this generic tps and the other half doesnt even know the game exists, because there is absolutely no marketing from EA. They should have never folded to EA's focus group and just say bleep you EA we will find another publisher for Overstrike.

Its what Naughty dog did after a marketing firm hired by Sony didnt want Ellie on the boxart or behind Joel.

Its what Ken Levine should have done. Even after a marketing firm did research in a frat house and most of those guys said they buy games based on their boxart and they have never heard of Bioshock. Elizabeth played a bigger role in the game to me then Booker, she shouldve been part of the boxart not shoved to the back.

Sorry for my long rant. But it pisses me off that these studios and publishers think that aiming for the dudebro crowd is gonna get them a massive fanbase.

Maybe after this games bombs we will get the details behind the Overstrike to Fuse change.

PockyKing1786d ago

Lol true that, but not everyone buys games based on the box-art, at least I don't haha.

US8F1786d ago

That is the dumbest reason to buy a game for 60 bucks. Really because of the box art? TAKE A PICTURE AND MOVE ON, IT'S FREE

-Alpha1786d ago

I dont even think casuals will buy the game based on the boxart.

Anyways, I hope Puppeteer is good, I'm guessing that will be a sleeper hit.

BattleAxe1786d ago

Box art is part of marketing the game, so if someone is casually browsing video games in a store, their eyes will go more towards the attractive box art. Its partially why games like Sniper Ghost Warrior actually sell any descent amount of units.

Statix1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

You're right. That was a long rant.

The problems with this game stretch way beyond something as minor as box art (Bioshock Infinite's box art was mildly annoying, but nothing I got my panties in a twist about). Granted, I haven't actually played the game, but none of the gameplay videos I've seen of FUSE (or Overstrike) have been particularly reassuring.

from the beach1786d ago

The box art makes me think of Lucozade, lol.

There are some very funny photoshops of it out there..

torchic1786d ago

mind linking some?

I was a huge fan of the Bioshock Infinite cover man photoshopped on to other games' cover arts ahaha those were hilarious

from the beach1786d ago

They were made by the NeoGaf community, check the thread over there. Well worth it!

ThatKanadianKid1786d ago

I think the author is right in the fact that because of recent events at EA a good number of people will pass on the game simply because it's branded by EA.

Personally I don't really have an issue with EA, and have loved all of Insomniac's games so I'm interested in trying this one out. But EA has certainly done a horrendous job of marketing the game or even making it look that fun to begin with. I hope it does critically well, but on the financial side of things, maybe Insomniac will realize their true home is at Sony.

Majin-vegeta1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

Preferred overstrikes humor.This is just another generic pos shooter
@logic.Trailers pretty much show what its going to be from my point of view

LOGICWINS1786d ago

You haven't played the game yet. How can you already make that assessment?

Root1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

It's called first impressions

If a game looks generic, the publisher behind them has a history of ruining studios under them and the fact that it looked better with it's first trailer....well I think it's safe to judge. All your doing really is learning from history

I mean you'll hold it off "not to judge", hear what you'll want to hear and by that I mean listening to EA and Insomniac bulls*** you into thinking it will be good and not generic at all when all they are doing is trying to sell you the game and then you'll buy it......but then you'll see that people were right and now that you've bought it you can't do anything about it because you've already given your money to EA

If you know you can stop this cycle earlier by being a little more harsh and thinking about things logically then you won't waste your money and will stop funding greedy companies like EA and stop them ruining their studios by doing things like this.

Least then if it IS good (highly unlikely) then you can buy it one will be stopping you

I just want people to see that you can judge games before they come out.

If I was to judge the Last of Us multiplayer even though I haven't seen it despite there being a great studio behind it then fair enough I shouldn't be judging too soon, but if it was someone like EA behind it I would complain without seeing it after the tacked on multiplayer in Dead Space 2 for example. Get what I mean....learning from the past, since EA is behind it and after what they did to other studios, I think FUSE will be crap - average at best

LOGICWINS1786d ago

Just so I don't misunderstand. Are you guys referring to the art style?

Also, I EXPECT that EA will ruin this game with paid DLC and microtransactions. But the core game can still be very good.

sway_z1786d ago

'Will FUSE be the Sleeper Hit of the Year?'


Root1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )


EA butchered Insomniacs original game....yeah yeah yeah I know we didn't see that much it was just a CGI trailer but that trailer give many people our first impressions on this new game which made us think "Wow...finally fun looking shooter which isn't that serious, kind of like a Pixar game in a way. This has Insomniac written all over it"

However EA came along with their "game testers" and changed it. Now it's a generic third person shooter which looks terrible and dosen't look like a game Insomniac would make

The characters styles, the humour, the designs, the plot, the name of the game even....have all been changed for the worst.

I wouldn't be bothered about it that much but the problem was that Insomniac said themselves that they moved away from Sony and refused to be bought by them because they wanted freedom and didn't want to be restricted while making games...YET they've done just that, they go with the worst publisher this gen who doesn't allow such things. I mean look what they did to Bioware, Maxis with SimCity and Visceral Games, then you have some issues about what they've done to DICE.

Want to save Insomniac from sticking with EA in the future...don't buy the game. Insomniac will then go crawling back to Sony. I'd rather have an exclusive studio then a ruined one stuck with EA.

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