FFXIV: A Realm Reborn Beta 3 Slated for June, Preorders Late May, More Info from NicoNico Chokaigi 2

Today during the second day of Nico Nico Chokaigi 2 at the Makuhari Messe in Tokyo Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida gave more information on his plans for the game during a series of Q&A sessions held as part of a stage event in partnership with Microsoft and Windows 8.

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Noami1790d ago

i wanna know already what's the new CE will bring..i just hope its not another journal thing.

Abriael1790d ago

We'll know on April the 20th

XiaoSet1790d ago

It's April 28th now, so I hope you meant May lol

Abriael1790d ago

@XiaoSet: yes I meant May lol :D

Skate-AK1790d ago

Someone's got their head stuck on 4/20 haha.

fermcr1790d ago

Isn't this game dead already!

Let it die and move on... FFXV.

abcd1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

No thx. Square-Enix has more than one team. FF XV will have a different team so you don't have to worry.

And I can't wait for FF XIV: ARR.

Naoki Yoshida is the best director right now at Square-Enix. He is doing a amazing job.

Abriael1790d ago (Edited 1790d ago )

Apparently it's not dead. U mad?

Larry L1790d ago

Totally disagree. Dead? This game is BACK from the dead, and in a HUGE way. Everything about it looks SO figgin' good. Aside from the subscription fee thing that I still can't decide if I'd ever be willing to pay on top of actually paying for the game itself, it really does look like one of the best FFs ever. The combat looks fun and casual yet still VERY deep for people who want the depth, and it's almost like a "Best of FF" in terms of all the gameplay aspects and locations from classic FFs.

Honestly, it just looks SO good that it is the very first game I've ever even considered paying a subscription fee to play. That's such high praise as far as I'm concerned.

mr.selfdestruct1790d ago

Not at all I'm loving the beta. I just cant wait for it to be on the PS3 Cause my cpu can only run it on the lowest settings. Even better if it comes on PS4!!!!!

Skate-AK1790d ago

Honestly I don't see the PS3 version running much better than low on PC. Maybe low-med.
They would be dumb not to bring it to PS4 but they havnt been making the best decsions.

Larry L1790d ago

They've shown plenty of PS3 in-game shots dude. In terms of models and textures, it looks pretty much the same. The only noticable differences that stood out to me was obviously less post processing on the foliage, and that hazy/mist stuff adding ambiance in all the really nice PC shots wasn't there.

Not what I would describe as equal to low-med on PC. It looks closer to strong med-high without the best RAM sucking post processing effects.

As long as the framerate is locked at 30 or at least stays very steady at 30, it will be fine. I'm certainly not upset about the lack of 60fps on a game like this.

Myst1790d ago

I wonder if my pre-order from like a year or two is still at GS >_>

Rynocirator1790d ago

it will be, as an unavailable're money should still be available though.

Myst1790d ago

Ah cool so I will just have to move it then.

Skate-AK1790d ago

Yep your money will still be there. Found out last week I had $10 toward a pre-order of Infamous 1 haha.

Myst1790d ago

Lol! Well damn I thought they cancelled them out after release after a certain time but I guess not.

luoshuigui1790d ago

some stupid shits will buy this crap just like they did with ff14's first release.


U came in this thread to be a hater? Lol ur life must suck

luoshuigui1790d ago

not suck as much as those losers wasted their money on the crap ff14, the piece of shit couldnt even last longer than a year before server closed, looking at those sad fanboys does make me chuckle.

helghast1021789d ago

Wow, you don't know a single thing about this game do you?

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