VIKING: Battle for Asgard - New screenshots

SEGA have today released a batch of new screenshots from VIKING: Battle for Asgard...

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Harry1903657d ago

is not enjoying any hype whatsoever.
could go unnoticed.

BiggDaddy3113657d ago

And they all looked like a PS2 game and a ripoff of Conan and PathFinder the crappy movie. would be surprised if it gets a better rating than Denied Ops. What Happened to Sega!

dachiefsman3657d ago

I think you are being kind of harsh....

I like Conan because it didn't hold back what it was....a crazy hack'n slash. The game was lacking polish on many fronts but I still had fun playing it.

You gotta to understand that not every game is the same for each individual. Bottom line: Until I have had it in mine hands to play, I cannot form a basis of opinion about the game.

Rama262853657d ago

I got to play this at the Live event and it seems to be a pretty solid game. The people who notice it and play it are going to enjoy it!

dachiefsman3657d ago

thats good to hear....thanks for sharing!

Darkfiber3657d ago

Little worried about this game still but it really looks to be shaping up, could be really cool. And what's wrong with hack 'n slash? This game looks fun, simple as that, and it's supposed to be pretty long and big and open too, it'll probably turn out to be better than people think.