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Submitted by alexcosborn 1017d ago | article

Next Xbox: Everything (We Think) We Know About Microsoft's Next-Gen Console

GR: The third generation of Xbox hardware will be revealed on May 21st, and we here at GameRevolution can't wait to find out what Microsoft has planned. In an effort to gear up for the event, we've taken the time to compile everything we think we might know about the next-gen gaming box. Please bear in mind that the content to follow is all merely based on rumor and reports from alleged inside sources. Official confirmation (or at least we hope!) will come next month. (Xbox 360, Xbox One)

GalacticEmpire  +   1017d ago
I thought the rumored $499 price tag unlikely until I considered the addition of xbox 360 SOC BC. Could we see a generation where Playstation is cheaper than Xbox?
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Knight_Crawler  +   1017d ago
WTF does the PS4 have to do with this article?
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GalacticEmpire  +   1017d ago
I made a completely reasonable comparison to the Xbox 3, which has everything to do with this article. I didn't even use the PS4 acronym specifically so to not rattle the cages of any fanboys, looks like my effort was wasted.
hakesterman  +   1017d ago
It's the Competition Num Rod. Get use to it Bitch....
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alexcosborn  +   1017d ago
Possibly, but only if Microsoft doesn't go with a subsidized option as well.

There's also the strong possibility that the PS4 will be in the $499 range. It's certainly got the hardware to merit it.
GalacticEmpire  +   1017d ago
I'll give you three guesses what Admiral Ackbar would say if he seen the rumored Xbox 3 subsidized price plan.

$299 + $15/m for 2 years = $659!

"strong possibility that the PS4 will be in the $499 range"

True but I think after this gen Sony will be keen to keep the price down as much as possible, even if they take a big hit at first.

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Zcarnut  +   1017d ago
Whats the problem with a subsidized price plan so long as its optional? Phone companies do it.Its a way for someone who doesnt have $500-$600 to get into a new console now.Does it cost more in the long run? Sure.The company is basically loaning you money. The money isnt in the $60-$120 more they get over a 2 year period anyway.Its the two year contract with good odds the contract holder will make additional purchases using the service. The long term goal would be most of those people enjoying it and electing to keep the services after the 2 years is up.
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TheKayle1  +   1017d ago
i think there will be two skus of the new xbox
the "pro" sku will be the most powerfull console this gen leaving ps4 in second place....

so i think they will charge this sku based to the perfomance..
xbox pro +- 500 (this will be what we call durango and it will have a oban in itself too)
ps4 +- 399-450
xbox lite (no blueray downloadable games for the new x360 soc) 299 ....(this will be what we call oban)

durango will be a multiple soc console with two gpu

and as u see and as paul thurrot said (and u can trust him 100%) new xbox will be released in the sony sony rushed just to get the hype before the xbox console was showed...(coz sony know ms have a better system)

one thing that must be clear is IMHO will have the power advantage over the others cosole.. i bet my account and as i promise ..ill delete mine if isnt like this
i challenge other users that sound like fanboys like "strongman" or do the same if ps4 isnt the "hardcore machine" but will sound like a casual gaming machine compared to the xbox (spec talking eh!)

just wait the real specs ;)
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kreate  +   1017d ago
Why would u bet ur account than say 'just wait the real specs' ?

Why dont u urself just wait for the real specs?
IRetrouk  +   1016d ago
So you dont believe the too bad to be true rumors but you do believe the too good to be true rumors??? Ok then.
If you think the next xbox is gonna have two gpus then you are going to be dissapointed, i honestly believe that the next console from ms and sony will be basically the same with some slight diffrences such as ram and a few other smaller details, you are a bit more delusional than normal.
doctorstrange  +   1017d ago
I can't wait to see what's true or not
alexcosborn  +   1017d ago
Yeah me too. It's time to clear up all the rumors.
ftwrthtx  +   1017d ago
A blu-ray drive is a must have component.
knifefight  +   1017d ago
Building a new machine in 2013 without one seems a little silly, yeah.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   1017d ago
Yes its a must have. Steve ballmer must put aside his pride. I remember him downplaying the Blu ray saying, Its not needed, Digital is the future!!. He is quite right I agree with him, but going full digital? its still early for everyone to adapt it. There are many conditions for it to work properly and less consumer complaints. Conditions like everyone should have an internet connection, stable and very fast, then very very large hard drive since games will be more spacious and HDDs are not cheap specially the bigger ones. So maybe this statement of ballmer is the reason they want an always online to implement and start digital distribution. But this will get them in the bad side of retailers if they cease to produce physical copies and many of us including me prefer Disc based media.
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Gameplay999  +   1016d ago
Digital is the future... eventually. I think Mr. Ballmer let the cat out of the bag a wee bit early.
BABYLEG  +   1017d ago
X marks the spot
dbjj12088  +   1017d ago
Can't wait for the reveal! It's going to be a long May.
hakesterman  +   1017d ago
I Can't wait for the Big Microsoft Announcement, want to see what those Jackers over at MS. have been doing the last two years. I know a part of me will be disapointed, but i am sure good things will be announced. The best part about it is i am not making any decision till two years after both systems have been out in the market. At that point i'll have plenty of games to make decisions on, and i should know by then which console has the most issues.
Omar91  +   1017d ago
More power to you man, I wish I could be as patient as you lol. I want to do the same thing, however I know once the Ps4 and & 720 are released, I would have to buy it.
koolaid251  +   1017d ago
PS5 and the next xbox will be getting ready to come out by then lol
Peanuts110  +   1016d ago
I agree with you. The first batch of consoles will be defective for one reason or another. RROD and YLOD plagued both consoles. I'll wait to read the articles of how badly both company's screwed up the first run of consoles. My money is on Sony to come out ahead with a better system. I use to lean toward MS but over the years all I seen is how the suits milk gamers out of money. (Like some phone apps.) Next thing you know they will be charging you per minute for using the console. Oh I sorry they are its called XBL.
DFresh  +   1016d ago
If I get the next Xbox it'll be mainly for Halo just like previous Xbox consoles.
Gameplay999  +   1016d ago
I loved the Xbox 360 this gen for its PC ports like the Tropico series, Supreme Commander series, Command and Conquer series, I really wish they had ported an updated version of simcity 3000.

However, this new, ever forthcoming generation, both PS4 and XB are using x86 architecture meaning that a wealth of PC ported games for both consoles could be a reality, which is exciting to me.
strifeblade  +   1016d ago
Morgue  +   1016d ago
Going by MS obbsession with add on accessories and charging for Live the cost of the system will go up but honestly no one knows what MS will say, do or eventually release and until they do maybe all of us are trolling these articles.
Z501  +   1016d ago
Can't tout next-gen multi-media living room centered console without 7.1 3D blu-ray movie playback. If so, they'll look really dumb. j/s

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