What GTA V Means To The Wii U, Nintendo And The Entire Gaming Industry

R17 from Gamers XTREME speaks his mind on why GTA V would be beneficial for the Wii U, Nintendo and the whole gaming industry.

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sway_z1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

This would be good for Wii U...

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DA_SHREDDER1848d ago

I would buy this on the WiiU

jcnba281847d ago

Day 1 buy for me as well.

hduce1848d ago

Oh look. The trolls disagreed with you. How would this game coming to the Wii U be a bad thing?

showtimefolks1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

RS tried on handheld with GTA Chinatown I think and it failed quite badly so if anyone is expecting GTA5 om wiiu they will be very very disappointed

Wiiu is nintndo's opportunity to make or repaird thir damaged relationships with some of the 3rd party publishers. If coming into E3 they will show next Mario,Zelda etc than its nothing new and that's wha a lot of publishers complain about

Nintendos 1st party games do fine and sell well but than those same Nintendo fans don't support the games from 3rd party, Nintendo home consoles have become a place to play 1st party games and for everything else there are other systems

Nintendo should look at Sony and how they deliver AAA exclusives but also get great support from 3rd parties.

I have been a gamer for more than 22 years and I feel like we have been saying these things abut Nintendo since the N64 days. I hope one day Nintendo gets it straight


Nintendo is the only console maker that can make as many sequels of rehashed franchises but that's ok it when Sony or ms makes one to many forza or god of war than that's conspiring milking it

Double standards in gaming industry, one company is encouraged and praised for making same games while other are being bad mouth by this gaming media.

Even if Nintendo wants seriously doubt they can compete with ms or Sony on equal terms. 3rd parties have a long history of failure on Nintendo home consoles whole success on playstation and Xbox

Nintendo die hard fans just don't want to see or admit of nintndos shortcomings, in their eyes by a wiiu now to play next Zelda In fall 2014

Qrphe1848d ago

It sold over a million copies on the DS. For a low budget GTA game, it did very well.

showtimefolks1848d ago


Low budget? RS actually took advantage of handheld and made an awesome GTA game, I hope some of the features like in game drug dealing and stealing calls could be brought to next GTA

It was hyped well
Advertised well
Sold like in thousands in its 1st month

GTA is a brand name so when you say it sold a million that's just not enough


Where have you been Nintendo home systems and 3rd party support haven't been seen together since SNES.

When 3rd party games don't sell than the publishers don't see the benefit of making wiiu versions. Moving Into next gen I wouldn't be surprised if most big games don't even release on wiiu

Don't think of it like a gamer, this is a business after all and games sell better on playstation and Xbox than Nintendo him consoles from 3rd party

Nintendo 1st party games have no problems with the sales, and many publishers look at that as a shortcoming of Nintendo itself.

I hope at E3 Nintendo shows some big games for wiiu that are coming to ps3 and xbox360,

Get bioshock on wiiu
Get watch dogs on wiiu( this may happen or already happening since its UBI and they like Nintendo)
Get next BF game
Get saints row 4
Get metro last light
Get skyrim ultimate edition

Wiiu need games to do well otherwise will we will be till 2014 to play something from Nintendo

Realplaya1847d ago

showtimefolks You mean when Nintendo releases mario games there rehashing but when MS or Sony release GOW and Gears and Halo it's ok. But guess what game is selling on what system? I'll answer Mario check the mario Wii U sales.

lastdual1848d ago

The problem is that there is even any debate about it. If the Wii U is going to have real 3rd party support, titles like GTAV should be a given, not some kind of special newsworthy event.

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PopRocks3591848d ago

Would be a nice third party option for Wii U owners. The golden question is whether or not it would be supported though.

NBT911848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

I will literally buy this game twice if it does. Once to experience the tradition I grew up with (PlayStation) and again for WII U but only IF they take advantage of it.

In Lego City for example, just having a map at your fingertips is unbelievably better than pausing the game. Scanning buildings, taking pictures using the control as a virtual digital cam all feel like things that were meant to be done that way.

I know it doesn't seem much of a deal but when you own a WII U after playing PS3 for the past 6 years, you appreciate the difference really fast.

EDIT - didn't even mention the fact you can play WII U Games without even turning on a TV, that's good for just messing around in GTA

PopRocks3591848d ago

Honestly, I'm surprised no one has made a "city" game in the same vain as Lego City, but with a more mature tone. Say you're playing as a cop in GTAV. The gamepad could be used as your radio and minimap. So if a suspect is heading down a particular road (information you'd get through the gamepad speaker), you could then contact more officers and have them set up a road block and touch the spot you want on the map.

Not sure if they could do something like that in this game since you don't play as a cop, but it would be cool to see what Rockstar can come up with.

I don't know about buying GTAV twice (though it may be worth it considering GTA has pretty much always been an upstanding franchise), but I think there is some cool potential.

InTheZoneAC1848d ago

why would they even waste the time to port it would probably sell around 100,000 copies?

wii u isn't selling games, let alone 3rd party games.

BeZdaBest1848d ago

the same reason capcom doesnt want monster hunter on the vita.. ;P

socks1848d ago

Yep, both systems are not doing well.

SilentNegotiator1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

"the same reason capcom doesnt want monster hunter on the vita"

Oh please, they clearly signed a temp exclusivity deal with Nintendo. If they released a MH on Vita, it would probably push at least a million pieces of hardware and sell a million copies.

violents1847d ago

I know, and it sucks, I have a vita and I think the only reason they aren't selling is because no one wants to make games for it. Why spend the money if there isn't a lot of great games for it yet? But no one will make great games until the first parties do because first party games are system sellers. Hopefully soon Vita and WiiU will have their day because a lot of really good looking first party games are scheduled to come out for both.


Well considering next gen versions aren't announced yet and if they release a WiiU version it would have the probability of being the best looking version. It would definitely move units.

mcstorm1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

That's not true. Mariou sold 2.75 million games for a 3.5 million install base. Also sonic all star racing on the Wiiu outsold total sales for the 360 and ps3.

The reason why the Wiiu is not selling well at the moment is because it has not got that many exclusives. Yes it has lots of games like batman, ac, nfsmw ect but they were never going to be a reason for someone to pickup a Wiiu as most people who wanted games like this already own a console to play this game on.

The same thing will happen to the ps4 and next Xbox if the 3rd party developers carry on supporting the current gen consoles. Who is going to spend £300 to £450 on a console to play the next version of cod when they can play it on there current console.

Come this time next year when the 3rd party developers start to drop support for the current gen consoles the new gen has more exclusive games that is when we will see which consoles are selling well and which ones are not.

I don't think Nintendo need GTA though as they have never had it and if you look at there own ip's like Mario, Mario kart, zelda ect they are the reasons why people pickup a Nintendo console and the number of theses games have sold show that not for games like cod, gta etc.

BeZdaBest1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

i held off on getting most third party games on ps3 so i could buy them on the wiiu...

i know it needs time.. look at the 3ds
price drop+mariokart7= explosive sales..

most wiiu owners probably know(myself included) mariokart is coming this year.. the wii u MIGHT get a price cut.(depending on the price of ps4/nextbox).so whos to say that it cant see a resurgence in sales. people forget that the wiiu sold a lot during launch.

but people make it seem like its be selling horribly since the

just give it time.. the same with the vita just give it time...

jcnba281847d ago

How do you expect a console to pick up sales if it doesn't get supported? GTA5 on Wii U would be great news for gamers.

InTheZoneAC1847d ago

lol bunch of WAAAAAHHHHHS! going on in here

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Jek_Porkins1848d ago

A Wii U version would be nice, that could sell some systems if they implemented the Gamepad properly.

DarkBlood1848d ago

even then they dont have to use the gamepad that extensively if that was one of thier concerns im sure that circle map thing could be put on it if any

PopRocks3591848d ago

You're right. The Pro controller is there for a reason either way.

BeZdaBest1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

the way thing are going it doesnt look like it will be there when it arrives in september.. but if the wii u picks ups steam.. we might get the goty edition..if not i can buy it on the ps3..but would rather support the third party on wiiu

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