Bonus Round:Is "Always On" A Turn Off?

Next-Gen Nightmare? Will gamers shy away from the next generation of consoles when they always need to be online?

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US8F1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

Yes for single player games, no for multiplayer only games.

Good episode.

JoGam1729d ago

Jaffe is funny. We was taking bet that he couldn't make a point with cursing. LOL Whats funny was the dude in the middle started cursing too. LOL

Maddens Raiders1729d ago

to play single player games (if true)? ...yes, just as much as rhetorical questions.

StrongMan1730d ago

I thinks it's a turn off for everyone. Haven't you seen all of the bad publicity about it.

Roper3161729d ago

are you a PS+ member? Do you allow auto game updates & save backups? If your answer is yes your console is already always connected! How do you think Sony's network accesses your PS3 to do this? So are you turned off by your PS3 & Sony now?

Now if it stops you from being able to play your single player or any games while not connected that is a complete different story.

badz1491729d ago

it's the HUGE difference between "optional" and "mandatory" and don't you dare trying to spin that one up!

it's like how "mandatory" install for the PS3 is a bad thing and "optional" install on the 360 is nothing but good but that's another story!

JoGam1729d ago

I agree, the ps3 is always on. Im not sure is its everyone or just when u become a plus members however, it doesn't require you to be always on to play games. I believe that's the issue everyone is having. Always online required for playing single play or story mode games.

Roper3161729d ago

@ Badz

Did you read my comment? Do you understand what you read if you did?

" Do you allow auto game updates & save backups? If your answer is yes your console is already always connected!"

do you see where I asked he if he allowed auto updates & game saves?

If I asked if he allowed it that means I know it's optional.

Hicken1729d ago

And yet despite you, according to you, acknowledging that it's something he allows, you STILL try to equate it to a console that REQUIRES an always online connection.

The subject is a console that requires an online connection to play ALL your games; that should be evident by now. His comment is in reference to the fact that MOST(because some people are idiots) don't like the idea that a console would have to be online at all times to play its games.

Why, then, would you respond by questioning a conditional, OPTIONAL online connection?

Simply put, it was a stupid comparison.

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joab7771729d ago

It is period. I am almost always online but there are times when I don't want to appear online. For example, I take a day off to play a great game. Now everyone knows why I did Also there are still many places that don't have high speed internet. Now u can play offline. What do u do when its always on?

otherZinc1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

I think its a "turn off" that a console starts off with backwards compatibility...then releases a slim model and takes backwards compatibility away.

Themba761729d ago

yes plain and simple if it's always on I want nothing to do with it.

Rebo001729d ago

I wouldn't be bothered about Always-On if I hadn't played SimCity...

fOrlOnhOpe571729d ago

It would be straining credibity for MS to go to the extent of an Always Online requirement for single player games - and no one could be that stupid or arrogant.
If I were an xbox player I wouldn't be worried. And yes, Im only into SP.

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