10 Changes Square Enix Needs To Make "With Yoichi Wada stepping down from his position as Square Enix CEO and President following major financial losses, his interim replacement, Yosuke Matsuda, hasn't wasted any time in asserting himself.

In the short time he's had in the role, Matsuda has stated that there will be a major review of the company's duties, how it functions as a business and how its assets are being used. He expects a thorough investigation to find out what works and what doesn't in order for them to become successful again.

Here is a list of 10 things that I hope Square Enix will do in order for them to return to their glory days - something I think we all want to see."

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ShawnCollier1971d ago

If they do resurrect Secret of Mana, hopefully they don't bastardize it like they did with the World of Mana "reboot".

mephman1971d ago

Haha yea.

I still don't understand why they're so dead against a Chrono revival.

Yi-Long1971d ago

... ALWAYS include the option to play the games in the original language, with subs.

Root1971d ago

Well Wada is if they can't turn around now then they are lost for good

kalkano1971d ago

It's not quite that simple. Toriyama is the real problem. I refuse to buy anything associated with his name.

mephman1971d ago

Amen to that - perhaps they will see the light once Lightning Returns has been shoved out the door.

Root1971d ago

Yeah but who was the one that probably put him in charge....Wada

and who do you think wanted more Lightning games and wanted them to be liked....most likely Wada

iamtehpwn1971d ago

" I refuse to buy anything associated with his name. "
You most likely already have considering he was a scenario writer for Final Fantasy VII and X.

With that said, he's not a good director. He should really go back to Scenario writing.

kalkano1971d ago


lol. Alright then, smartass. I refuse to do it again. ;)

I also bought 13 and 13-2. I've finally wisened up, though.

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW1971d ago

Make a game with Nintendo-

Using the Metroid Franchise and making a Dues Ex style Other M for Samus.

(Not saying get rid of the Primes, I just want a better talking/thinking Samus game).

Square/Enix or BioWare...

DragonKnight1971d ago

11. Don't segment stories across platforms. Helping out the platform holders by doing this only pisses off fans that don't want, or don't have the money, to buy a different platform for one game.

12. No more closed mega-theatres.

_QQ_1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

They should just go multiplat with KH, i don't want to buy a ps vita2, a Nintendo 4DS, and Sega dreamcast to play every KH game. or stick to just one console.

klecser1971d ago

Stop publishing games made by people who think they understand a genre but don't *cough* Heroes of Ruin.

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