Why I Think Nintendo Direct is Great

People don’t seem to talk about Nintendo Direct all that much. Sure, there are recaps, and some people love to speculate about what they’re going to reveal, but nobody ever seems to talk about the actual events, which isn’t at all fair toward what Nintendo seems to be trying to do: revolutionize the way that game announcements are made. And, if Nintendo’s decision to forgo a major E3 presentation is any indication, they may feel that they’re on to something.

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TheEnigma3131972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

I wish people stop trying to spin this into a good thing. This, imo, is not a great idea. I'm more of a Sony fan, and if they pulled this stunt I'd call them out too. You have to call a spade a spade.

Baka-akaB1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

I dont get the spinning wheels either . As if anything prevented nintendo direct alongside e3 shows .

While it says little about the consoles and their games , it does show the utter lack of confidence by skipping e3 confs .

As for the "Nintendo's last e3 shows were crap" excuse , i dont get it either . So they blew it , even in rows , so what ? Instead they should give up instead of getting better and providing entertaining content ?

That's a major and lame cop out

1971d ago
_QQ_1971d ago

What does not having an e3 conference have to do with confidence?Plus they will still be at e3, in fact they will be having two smaller shows instead, one will show nothing but Software and be for the fans and gaming media, while the other is for the investors, pretty much theybare separateing the boring stuff from the fun stuff.

L0YD1972d ago

Totally agree, it seems like nintendo fans doing this every time.
No 3rd party support - "I bought WiiU for first party games" - no comment

Bad graphics - "Games not about graphics" - they're not only about graphics, but graphics is very important part of any game.

No nintedo at E3 - "Its good for nintendo" - what are you guys talking about?

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1971d ago

why do people keep saying that Nintendo isn't going to be at E3, when they have said that they will be at E3?

This is one possible reason why some Nintendo fans (and Others) have different opinions than you. I think you and most other people have missed what Nintendo is trying to do at E3.

Will WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO DO At E3-2013 WORK? I don't know but I am not going to knock them for trying something DIFFERENT.

If you read the articles (even the positive ones) you would know what Nintendo was going to do.

--Onilink--1971d ago

same way I wish people would stop pretending this is a bad idea without knowing whats going to happen. So far this is only a decision. If its good or bad, we will only know until E3 is done. Anything before that is just speculation.

As for what I think, as much as I dont like it, I do see a lot of sense. People here think that the mainstream media are watching the actual conference as it happens, and thats just not true, only dedicated gamers do. Mainstream media might do a couple of reports in overall about what happened, but they will still do that, conference or not, because Nintendo will still be there, and they will have 2 meetings. One for US Media, and one for retailers, publishers, etc

SilentNegotiator1971d ago

"People here think that the mainstream media are watching the actual conference as it happens, and thats just not true, only dedicated gamers do"
The important part of the mainstream media to the game industry, the gaming media, do. Besides, I've always seen the news report on E3 stuff at least once during it.

"same way I wish people would stop pretending this is a bad idea without knowing whats going to happen"
I'm sorry, what do we need to SEE to know that not having a conference at the biggest gaming media event of the year is a bad idea? And what do you expect to see to show that is was a good idea?

--Onilink--1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

What matters is WHAT is announced, not HOW. Gaming media will still report on every single game, whether it was shown on the floor, roundtable, small meeting or huge conference. Nintendo will still be at E3, gaming media will have a special meeting to play all the games they will have without huge lines on the show floor. The only difference is that we wont have someone doing text updates on a website about what we can already see happening on the acteen of our computers.

I dont know about you, but all i care about is seeing games, i couldnt care less how tey are announced, and the same goes for Sony, MS or any other company

And once again, mainstream media wont be reporting any conference live, they will simply report what was announced, whether the conference was big or not. And gaming media will still also report anything shown, especially since they even have a secial meeting already set for the day they usually have the conference

SilentNegotiator1971d ago

They don't have to report live to spread the news. But it will be 1000x more likely to be reported on if it's in a neat conference.

And it absolutely doesn't matter if you care how it's announced; the media does. The media helped make Wii popular, the Xbox brand being so synonymous in media to game systems was important, etc.

The mainstream media matters.

--Onilink--1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Hahaha if anything, the wii proves my point. If there was a point when Nintendo has terrible conferences, it was for the wii. The wii was not popular because nintendo had an e3 conference, it was popular because of tv advertisement and word of mouth. Then again the gc had some great conferences and was a failure, so i fail to see the connection.

I still dont see where is it that you have explained to me how would a mainstream media report would be any different because the console is announced on a conference, they wil simply report on the console itself, not how it was said. The fact that a conference is done or not only matters to the people who actually tale the time to watch a gaming pnference at 9-10am in the middle of the week(aka dedicated gamers) the rest of the people will just read some reports or look at some pictures and thats it

SilentNegotiator1971d ago

Good or bad, they HAD conferences. Millions, as opposed to thousands that watch Nintendo directs, saw their games and hardware get announced.

--Onilink--1971d ago

Millions??? Care to tell me where was it that you came up with such figure? Again, for the third time, stop thinking that just because us dedicated gamers take the time to watch a conference live, it means that millions of people do that. They dont, millions of people see reports about what happened and thats it, the people who decide to what a conference at 9am in the middle of the week are probably the same ones who can watch a nintendo direct at 9am in the middle of the week? Why? Because in the end, all we are watching is the same video stream, only a couple hundred reporters are actually there live, where it is any different. For the rest of us its just another video and for the millions of people who dont watch the video, it will be seem on just another report from a news site

SilentNegotiator1970d ago

E3 is TELEVISED. Nintendo Directs are not.

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Sharius1971d ago

i'm a sony fan myself and i think this ND really a great thing, but the downside that, this only limit for ninty fan, no mater how or where or when they do it,this thing only attract to nintendo owner, even i know abow this but never bother to waste my time to watch them, that the truth

it may boost the software sale but the hardware? not much

ItsMeAgain1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

I just own one console out of the 3 in this generation, nevertheless every E3 I watch each and everyone's press conference. Just for the sake of informing myself of what is coming from them, and because I like games. I don't know when something from a different console maker is going to attract me.

E3 is in the exact month where there are no semester going, no hard work, just a relaxing month which makes it perfect to watch.

After all, most of the games are shown on the press conferences, I'm done with E3 after that. However, if a game that looks interesting gets my attention, then I try to watch it in the coming days of the show. Do you really think that I'm going to sit throughout the 3 whole days just to see what Nintendo has to show? As much as I like games, that doesn't seem like a good idea to me since I don't go to E3. I actually watch it on livestreams.

cleft51971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

So long as we get all the information on the hottest new upcoming games I am fine with it. If this is a slight to anyone, it is gaming journalist.

Nintendo basically just said that they could release their own news and they don't need any gaming journalist to do it for them. E3 is the biggest event where all the gaming journalist congregate in one spot for the press events. This move on Nintendo's part dismisses the importance of that and bypasses a third party.

Ultimately, for the consumer there is no difference between getting the news from an openly controlled Nintendo Direct or the E3 press conference which is also controlled, albeit, in a more secretive manner. Only now the gaming journalist have to watch the Nintendo Direct like we all watch the E3 Press Conference. This move is a slight, but a slight to gaming journalist. Really, gaming journalist only have themselves to blame for being dismissed like this. Most gaming journalist just regurgitate information and Nintendo has finally decided to cut them out.

Nevers0ft1971d ago

It's worth noting that by skipping the whole presentation thing they HAVE stolen the spotlight somewhat. Come E3 most pundits are going to be commenting on Nintendo's E3 "unusual" showing.

gedden71971d ago

I had my concerns about Nintendo not doing a E3 or staying low key... Hmmm They arent they are just doing things different and they are the only company with enough BALLS to do something different! Last year we saw Usher, Beetles Members and other NON Focus on GAMES Style presentations... I like the fact that Nintendo is choosing a different route to show case JUST "SOFTWARE" and WII U Software at that! I can't wait! Plus they will show vid and stuff before E3!!! Also it would be SUPER nice we can get a demo of at least one of those HIGH PROFILE games!!!

sephx221971d ago

Of all the E3s nintendo could have done this they chose this one. Why? because the wii u sales aren't too good, they announced all their games already to keep gamers interested and sony and microsoft are gonna drop bombs. To me it just looks like nintendo is taking cover.

_QQ_1971d ago

Nintendo will be at E3...

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