How Nintendo Can Reboot The Wii U

The Wii U has been a troubled console for Nintendo, but all is not lost. They can easily turn the fortunes of the console around.

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Sharius1910d ago

name it wii 2 U and relaunch?

Phil321910d ago

A relaunch with a strong marketing campaign, ads which clearly state that the Wii U is not an add-on to the Wii, and a price cut with a steady supply of games alongside it would make the Wii U do better. Without a steady supply of games, a price cut would be a really short term solution that wouldn't do much for the long term.

PopRocks3591910d ago

A relaunch would be an unorthodox way of handling it (you have 3+ million people with consoles with the Wii U label) but I can't imagine it hurting very much.

LOL_WUT1910d ago

They could relaunch it but why go through all that? I say they should just stick with it. I still think that a universal price cut would make the Wii U more appealing ;)

PopRocks3591909d ago

"Price drops do nothing to increase Wii U sales."

"Insists price drop is necessary to make Wii U successful."

You're delusional.

kreate1910d ago

Thats what ppl said about the ps3 few months after launch.

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The story is too old to be commented.