Which Video Game World Has the Strongest Currency?

Video games have money in them, as well, for the purchasing of necessary tools and supplies. A question you may wonder, "What was the exchange rate between the major video game franchises?" If Mario found himself in Hyrule, what exactly could his big bag of coins buy him?

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Thirty3Three1971d ago

We need more articles like these on N4G! :)

Enough of the stupid articles which are just used for worthless site-hits!

This is such an interesting article, A+, friend! :D

TheLyonKing1971d ago

My opinion would be gil, everything seems reasonablly priced for the amount thats obtainable in most games.

Sonics gold rings would be the least since the price of gold can fluctuate to much.

Zeldas rupees while in there may be a lot in the game how long until thats all gone it is presious stones after all and a very primative way of exchaning items.

Qrphe1971d ago

Gil seemed like a very fluid currency; in FF8, your salary in Gil was deposited immediately to you account!

3-4-51971d ago

breaking other people's pots would let you have unlimited rupees. That would change it's value.

BattleAxe1971d ago

God of War has the strongest currency. Those red orbs can buy godly powers.

mydyingparadiselost1971d ago

I say next article should include future currency. How does Mass Effects economy stand up to the Deus Ex one, or Starcraft? How many Mass Effect credits does it take to buy dinner for 200 of your best Zerg buddies? Would Jensen be better off retiring from his current job or would the exchange rate to the Mass Effect universe make becoming a Citadel security employee more lucrative? People need imaginative answers to these disturbing questions!

YoungKingDoran1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Pretty sure Mario won't be going to Boletaria or Lordran for a holiday any time soon.
"Mamma mia! Look at the price of flowers here"

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