Watch Dogs release date confirmed for november 21st?

Earlier today a user spotted the Special Edition for Watch Dogs at Dutch retailer Game Mania, although nobody seemed to notice a quick update also listed a specific releasedate in november...

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Godchild10201789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

The November 21st makes sense, just enough room for AC4 to sell and just around the time frame next gen consoles will (might) be out.

They can even go for a December release and the game will still sell. But, the earlier the better.

DarkBlood1789d ago

im still having a feeling ps4 will releae around october or at least at the near end of it

Hurricane43431789d ago

Just as the ps3 released, I would figure it would be a week before Black Friday here in the USA.

WillM171789d ago

I believe this is release date for current gen.