Failure to Communicate, George Kamitani Edition

Hardcore Gamer: My personal response to Kamitani’s initial post was to roll my eyes, think “Oh, you idiot!” and move on. It’s the apologies that have made me realize nobody’s learned anything. The catalyst for the argument may have been a disparaging article about Kamitani’s art style, but the second he made the Facebook post the conversation changed. “Ha ha, you’re gay!” isn’t acceptable any more, and that’s what people were responding to.

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jc485731975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

I thought he meant to say why people aren't complaining about overly muscular guys as opposed to the voluptuous chicks. He didn't meant to say you "like muscular" guys, but more like "what do you have to say about this artwork?" I know why some people are rather offended by the "gay joke," but then again I don't think he really meant to insult anybody. He is in a way exaggerating on the reaction and sort of questioning, "why are you afraid of breasts?" rather than asking, "don't you like breasts?" If people "learned," then people will always have to make sure they don't insult anybody and that's IMO a bad thing mainly because it feels like you have to follow a set rules and even direction of adequacy. The whole breast bouncy effects can be interpreted as a free form of art (or cartoon) just to further emphasize that cartoony freedom to help gamers' escape reality a good day from work.

Agrim1974d ago

I don't understand why everyone took the dwarf joke as "gay".