Review: Dead Island... More Like Dead Island 1.5 Is Dead Island Riptide enough of a sequel to get fans to pick up those melee weapons and head to another tropical island to kill some more zombies?

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Decaf_PIxel_Kat1937d ago

I still need to play the first one. Maybe they will release them as a bundle.

StraightPath1936d ago

People should buy far cry 3 instead of this turd

R_aVe_N1936d ago

the first one is only 19.99 new so you can find it fairly cheap if you look.

GameReviewGuy1937d ago

If they gave the first game free as a digital download for preordering the game I feel a lot more people would've picked it up.

coolbeans1936d ago

Thank you for that info. :)

SeanScythe1936d ago

careful viewing this site it suddenly popped up wanting me to download flash with no way to ignore it then tons of pop ups came up when I tried to leave.

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Kran1936d ago

I remember when they called it a spin off rather than a sequel.

... and yet it takes place after the events of Dead Island 1 with the same characters with little to no improvement

:/ dafuq?

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