The Soulful Sojourn: The Travelers

BT writes: We often reveal character through dialogue and direction in this series, but every so often there comes something else, something unexplainable that captures us in a way that is unforeseen. Through that though, we can still find something to analyze, something deep and fundamental to a design that pulls at our emotions long enough to recognize that who we see, who we care for, and that is often a hallmark of good characterization.

When thatgamecompany released Journey last year, people didn’t know what to expect. A game about traveling across a vast desert to reach a far off, distant mountaintop is conceptually interesting, but difficult to pull off. Especially considering it is a game with no dialogue, just a robed figure, walking in the desert. Yet these mysterious travelers become so much more than a cool concept. Many have likened Journey to an emotional, almost religious experience. Critics showered the game with accolades for its design, but even then, it is hard to exactly pinpoint why the travelers work as characters.

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