Has Nintendo Dropped The Games Media? During the 80′s and early 90′s it appeared that Nintendo could do no wrong, a company seemingly invincible with it’s incredible eye for game quality. If there were any chinks in the armour it would come from the company’s “kiddy” reputation, perhaps most famously when the SNES version of Mortal Kombat was censored yet the MegaDrive/Genesis version contained all the violence we’ve come to expect from the series.

The second “blow” to Nintendo’s reputation came in the form of the original PlayStation, up until Sony released their system, gaming was never considered “cool”. Sony made the smart decision to market the PlayStation to a more teen oriented audience meaning it sparked the interest of those who previously turned a blind eye to gaming. It’s around this time that Nintendo’s refusal to go with the flow became more apparent, instead they chose to carve out their own path in the industry as they’ve always had.

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PSNintyGamer2031d ago

"No one wants to admit it but everyone seems to enjoy kicking Nintendo whenever the opportunity presents itself. I’m not talking about the usual trolls online but the actual media themselves, Nintendo have become the “whippin’ boy” of the industry."

So True

Root2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

No it isn't

They were never being called that much back when they were successful with the Wii, people were actually praising them that they made it to the top. It's only recently with their bad decisions over the Wii U they are being called and for good reasons, they don't seem to know what the hell they are doing most of the time. Hell people knew this when they failed to show off the Wii U properly two years running at E3.

So I don't see how that's made them a "whippin boy" of the industry...if anything Sony are the ones who have become that, even despite all the positive things they've done over the years, people make it out to still be 2006

I mean look at the news recently....Nintendo drop one of the biggest conferences of the year in gaming, despite so much to show off and with the Wii U NEEDING the exposure at the minute


Disagree all you want but it's true. If you can't admit Nintendo have lost the plot as of late then you obviously don't want them to get better and wake the hell up to reality. They will only buck their ideas up if you tell them do instead of sticking your head in the ground, like so many on here do.

gedden72031d ago

They aren't??? Seriously how many doomed Nintendo or wii u articles can you think of in the last 6 months?? Most of those article that u can think of have never nor never come true... Remember all those wii Nintendo doomed articles?? Think about it. Now think of all those Xbox 360 articles on how they are doomed from their horrible and joke like Japanese sales.. Can you think of more than one? Or can you remember the last time you saw a Sony is doomed article. They are btw as company. Their gaming department is okay but the company it self is going down the drain and not doing too good as a whole.. Where are those articles??? Nope none to be found...

PopRocks3592031d ago

Root, haven't we gone through the ropes before? Seriously, someone posted an article about "turning around" the Virtual console literally THE WEEK it came out! I'm not saying the Wii U VC is perfect, but how is that not unreasonable criticism to you? I really question if there can even be a line drawn in your head.

Root2031d ago

Poprocks I would argue my point to you but with you been the biggest Nintendo fanboy on this site and the fact you live in a massive bubble where Nintendo is always the victim despite the majority of articles this entire gen being negative towards Sony I won't even bother.

PopRocks3592031d ago

Wow. Aren't you mature. Not only did you not acknowledge anything I actually stated in my comment, you also went with the "Wah, wah, you're a fanboy" routine. Maybe next time you should bring an actual argument with you and not your usual hamstrung bullshit.

Oh, and call me a faboy all you want. I've laid out my own criticisms of Nintendo in the past whether you want to acknowledge them or not. At least I am able to see the other side of the argument. The only one between us in a delusional bubble is yourself.

Root2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

Poprocks I acknowledged what you said but because of the way you are I wasn't going to waste my time going into it. I know what your like so why would I waste my time....hell I'm wasting my time right now even commenting

"Oh, and call me a faboy all you want. I've laid out my own criticisms of Nintendo in the past"

Yeah...sure you have

Is that why most of the time you come to Nintendos rescue, write blogs defending them and even stealth troll Microsoft and Sony articles by bringing up Nintendo in them most of the time.

I find it hillarious how you call me immature yet you said

"I really question if there can even be a line drawn in your head"

....yeah like thats not immature.

Reply if you want but I'm not going to read it

kreate2031d ago


Dont worry root. I totally agree about Nintendo and the media.
Since ur out of bubbles, ill continue the discussion if someone chooses to discuss it.

auragenz2031d ago

*Starts slow clapping for Root*

ChickeyCantor2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

You seem to criticize poprock for being a "fanboy". Even though he had shared his criticism towards Nintendo numerous times. If I have to go by what you have to say you are no different than a fundie who is plugging his ears.

"Reply if you want but I'm not going to read it"
Yes you are. You are reading it, and in fact keep replying to it. PopRock raised some valid points and you choose to cover your eyes because you don't want to defend your own points. So you take the cowards road and just bash him calling him a blind fanboy.

Why should anyone read anything you have to say since you're constantly bashing Nintendo. If PopRock is a fanboy, how are you any different in that regard? You're just on the polar opposite of the argument. And have no place in criticizing others for having a certain perspective.

LOL_WUT2031d ago

No, he hasn't Sidar quit lying and his blogs aren't fooling anybody.

@ Root well said +1 ;)

PopRocks3592031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

@LOL_WUT and Root

You two are liars and losers.

Scroll down and read the first comment I left. And look at that! LOL_WUT even praised me for it. You guys are so unbelievably two-faced that you'll lie through your teeth to make me look bad when I've been completely honest and straightforward with the points I've made.


Don't bother. These delusional twits can lie and stroke each others junk all they want. I'm really sick of trying to debate with lying morons who couldn't hold a proper debate if their life depended on it.

EDIT: I've even praised the competition with very light criticism on a consistent basis but these chumps can't even be bothered to acknowledge that. They're liars and trolls and it's sad that they rally people who can't see otherwise to their aid because they can't be bothered to stick to their guns and handle these sorts of discussions like adults.

Root is a hack, LOL_WUT is a troll and those giving them agrees need a wake up call.

ChickeyCantor2031d ago


"No, he hasn't Sidar quit lying and his blogs aren't fooling anybody. "

Pretty much translates to:
"I hate everything Nintendo, and anyone saying anything near that sentiment is my best buddy in my book. LOLKTHNXBYE YOLO".

I have no reason to lie. It's the internet.

LOL_WUT2031d ago

I'll just say this, I have praised Nintendo on more occasions than the amount of times he's "lightly" criticized them. So, what does that tell you? ;)

Defending a company (Nintendo) to death doesn't make anymore more of a fan than someone who criticizes them.

SilentNegotiator2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

CNN called PS3 a "sinking ship" when it was having an incredible year. Sites like Gameranx, PlanetXbox360, etc make FUD articles directly attacking Ps3. Sites like Mojodo are run by fanboys that downplay issues on 3DS that they ferociously attack Vita for (example: Attacking Katamari for there being "too many" - about 1 per platform, praising Mario Kart 7 - about 1 per platform).

The only way that Sony is NOT the whipping boy of the industry is in its fans. And it has happy fans because they provide great experiences. Nintendo receives a lot of criticism because no matter what success you achieve, fans won't be happy if you don't please them. And no matter how many times you say that "If you didn't like Wii, you aren't a Nintendo fan!", it won't be true; people have plenty of fond memories of Nintendo consoles past and wish for the same innovation in software that they once saw.

And with Wii U having a miserable time, of course you'll see an untick in criticism. What did you expect? Wii U is selling like crap, Ps4 showed off an amazing pre-E3 show. Where do you think the scales will tip?

But whatever. As usual, this "Wii U IS TOTALLY NOT DOOMZED GUIS GEEZ NINTENDO IS DOING GREAT!" article is filled with all of the tight knit Nintendo fanboys flocking to bubble each other up and Sony haters flocking to convince us of why Sony TOTALLY hasn't been getting slapped around by the media for the last 6 years.

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jcnba282031d ago

Especially on this website.

Hicken2031d ago


And what about your constant deriding of Sony? Not even on valid levels. Not on things that matter. Not even on the truth.

To that same end, you and others adamantly deny ANY faults or shortcomings on Nintendo's part. According to you, the Wii U's sales are fine(though they've stagnated since shortly after launch). There's nothing wrong with the marketing(though people don't really know what the damn thing is). There are plenty of games to play(though there's certainly a drought right now).

And people with that same mentality are all over this site. Not just siding with Nintendo, but Sony and Microsoft, too.

Still, it's in no way limited to this site, a fact that MANY of the people around here want to deny. According to you- and them- this site, overrun with Sony fanboys, is the only place on the internet where Nintendo faces criticism... which is odd, because with N4G being just an aggregate site, all the articles you complain about have to be from somewhere else.

Here's the thing: much of the criticism Nintendo's facing is valid. Closing your eyes and plugging your ears isn't gonna change that.

guitarded772031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

And Sony wasn't for the PS3 gen? Nintendo may be getting crapped on my obscure sites, but most of the criticism from bigger sites is legitimate. I understand some criticism is just made up, but Nintendo "fans" (I hate to use that word, but it seems to be all people can associate with) themselves need to be honest with themselves and see that some of the criticism is warranted for the progress of Nintendo. I want the Wii U to succeed, and to be a huge success among gamers requites some work from Nintendo. The latest update is a step in the right direction... the Wii U is much faster now, due to some good programming. Having Miiverse on PC is a step in the right direction. Sony got crapped on heavily at the beginning/mid of PS3's life cycle, but look at where it is now... it's an excellent home console. Sony listened to the criticism and made HUGE changes.

lilbroRx2031d ago

Whether or not they simply were is not the issue, nor is it ever when someone brings up this topic.

The issue's are how much, how often, and how severely.

Sony, even at their lowest point, was never hammered the way Nintendo has been for the past 5 years, and definitely not as bad as it is now.

dedicatedtogamers2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

People need to lose the idea that the gaming media is some kind-hearted, neutral party that wants everyone to succeed and always covers videogame news fairly while also warning customers of potential problems with certain videogames or consoles. So boo-hoo, the media isn't being nice to Nintendo. Nothing new. The media isn't nice to anyone except a small, select few tech companies that also happen to spend a ton of money on PR and advertisement.

It hasn't been fair since the '90s.

The only people who think the media is fair are either a) fanboys whose console is currently in favor or b) 12-year-olds who don't understand how media coverage operates.

PopRocks3592031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

Well, at least you're capable of acknowledging it. I'm just tired of people sugarcoating or disguising Nintendo's current media perception as neutrality.

EDIT: I'd like to add that saying "it is what it is" isn't really a great excuse to me. I do think the media treats Nintendo pretty unfairly. But then expecting a big change for that is like expecting Kotaku to stop writing like a bad tabloid.

nosferatuzodd2030d ago

i think they should all leave nintendo alone especially that idiot from gametrailers who is making fun of them for not going to the e3 show

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abzdine2031d ago

i dont care what people say, Nintendo will always be the best will always bringing amazing ideas and taking great initiatives for gamers.

ape0072031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

the best exclusive games in the industry games are nintendo games plain and simple

abzdine2031d ago

that depends on the tastes.
I only like Zelda!
I like 3D Mario too but i get bored of them over time i almost never finish them.

giancarmen2031d ago

Nintendo is still going to be a E3. They are still planning on having two events. Plus they are going to be showing games off. They did not drop out.

jcnba282031d ago

These Directs are one of the most ingenious things Nintendo has ever come up with.

GreenRanger2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

This isn't a Nintendo doom article, it's a 'Criticize Nintendo in any way and you are a Hater' article.

lilbroRx2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

A standard blow up defense by fanboys to anyone pointing out the acuteness of Nintendo disparagement/hate on any scale. ie You over exaggerate their position to make them look like extremist(though they actually express no such extremes) and completely refuse to address or even acknowledge their actual point/argument do to you have nothing real counter for it.

Bravo. Fanboys and fallacies go hand in hand.

What you just did is a common fallac

PopRocks3592031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

"You over exaggerate their position to make them look like extremist(though they actually express no such extremes) and completely refuse to address or even acknowledge their actual point/argument do to you have nothing real counter for it."

This part of your comment speaks to me particularly.

One of my latest blogs was completely about art styles where I pointed out a concern about games possibly all maintaining a dark, gritty and super detailed look as oppose to having a mix of ideas and styles. One of the commenters decided to accuse me of spreading a "Sony hate train" because I cited Killzone and InFamous on PS4 as examples... while praising the detail in their styles and pointing out that I don't think it was good for all games to adopt this in their own art styles.

The sad thing is, I cited Journey, Splosion Man and Portal 2 as some of my favorite games, all with cool art styles in a sea of monotonous first/third person shooters. Yet this moron completely sensationalized my blog into hatred toward a specific entity when it was anything but.

GreenRanger2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

@ lilbroRx
Lol, you're calling me a fanboy?!
I couldn't give a crap about Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo.
Oh and BTW, you've just proven the fanboy mindset that i pointed out in my previous comment.
You see me criticizing, and all you do is call me a hater.
There's no grey area for people like you, is there?
To fanboys (all fanboys, not just the Nintendo ones), you either love a company/brand or you hate them.
Also, you say i "over exaggerate their position to make them look like extremist", but that's just what you have done, you've over exaggerated criticism to make me look like a hater.

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