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"Super Mario Land is a beautiful mix of great presentation, vibrant aesthetics and the Mario formula that we all know and love." - Nintendo Feed

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n4f1817d ago

so insulting giving that a 10/10 instead of 12/10

MorbidPorpoise1816d ago

Maybe more insulting calling it Super Mario Land from the 8th paragraph down :P

nintendofeed1816d ago

Oops! My mistake - fixed now!

Neonridr1817d ago

Had no problem paying the $1.50 so that I could play this game without having to go into Wii mode, and the fact that I can play it on the gamepad, HUGE bonus.

sdozzo1817d ago

No Need To Review It.

LOL_WUT1817d ago

Exactly it's an all time classic! This is definitely a must buy ;)

Chard1817d ago

Would be cool if they could add 16:9 support